How to Find Your Next Million-Dollar SKUs Internationally and Send Them Directly Into FBA

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[UPDATE: Wish Wholesale has since been absorbed by and is no longer available. However, Wish remains an excellent place to do product research]

Webinar recap — Whether you’re a long-term seller with hundreds of existing SKUs or researching bringing your first product to market, it’s challenging to source new products and bring them to Amazon. Cycles of product research, market validation, and competitor research can take months or even years depending on the product, during which time, competitors will move in and often take over a niche. Amazon’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace means moving quickly and sourcing products as fast as you can.

The Wish Wholesale X MyFBAPrep collaboration allows you to do just that, with a combination of Wish’s software, analytics, and personal assistance to source your next big SKUs, and MyFBAPrep to move those products directly into FBA once your pallets reach our warehouse. In this webinar, Luke Peng, Director of Growth at WishX, Osama Asif, Business Development Manager at Wish Wholesale, and Tom Wicky, Co-Founder of MyFBAPrep, discuss the solutions and opportunities in this collaboration.

Product and market analytics with Wish Wholesale 4:44

Nearly everyone knows Wish, the popular shopping platform and app. In fact, with 500 million+ customers and over 250,000 active shoppers per day, it’s one of the largest marketplaces in the world. Wish not only boasts 100 million+ monthly active users, but is also the single most-downloaded shopping app on the marketplace.

Wish Wholesale is an initiative launched by the company in 2019, designed to help brick-and-mortar stores diversify inventory. Eventually, this expanded into white glove services to online-offline resellers,  wherein Wish Wholesale helps retailers find their new products. In fact, Wish Wholesale combines analytics and tracking with curated data to help you make strategic buying decisions for any physical or eCommerce retail shop. This includes:

  • Wholesale procurement, in which Wish’s data dashboard shows Wish sales near you, products available in your area, and products underserved in your area
  • Competitive pricing, including substantial bulk discounts and cost reductions on most orders
  • No resell limits, meaning you can sell on any Wish competitor you want without pricing restrictions
  • Buyer protection
  • A strong product review system that aggregates wholesale and direct-to-consumer product reviews, giving you the best picture of product quality and customer satisfaction

Eventually, Wish Wholesale began to deliver data-driven insights into wholesale buying so sellers can quickly find and source high-potential products. With more than 55 categories, weekly newsletters showing top-selling products, and curated collections of niche and rapidly rising products, Wish Wholesale significantly simplifies the product research phase. And, with services like Wish Select, products can be white labelled.

Wish Wholesale VIP 10:44

Osama Asif introduces Wish Wholesale VIP, covering the perks of the program. These include free shipping on all orders over $50, which can translate to considerable cost savings while allowing retailers to reduce order volumes. Plus, with personalized sourcing assistance (manual) for your business, VIP means you have experts on the wholesale side to handle product research.

Wish Wholesale VIP is essentially a discount program. You also get 10% cashback on every order. But the personalized product sourcing, personalized product curation, and free shipping will definitely add value for most shoppers.

Shipping directly to FBA with MyFBAPrep 14:49

Wish Wholesale delivers an out-of-the-box solution for product research and validation. However, it doesn’t ship to Amazon without extensive pallet and container breakdown and repackaging. That’s important, because even though Wish ships with UPCs, Amazon requires SKUs and individual packaging. Today, MyFBAPrep has prepped over four million units with a GMS of over $1 billion. Moreover, hundreds of sellers process 500,000+ monthly products through our services.

MyFBAPrep is a combination of an FBA prep service, warehouse network, and 3PL. This means we can handle the full aspect of end-to-end receipt, FBA prep, delivery to FBA, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment.

For example, our FBA prep services include full integration into Seller Central via the SP API. That allows us to create orders and ship directly to FBA. These services include bundling and kitting, individual item prep, breaking down pallets/containers/master cases, FNSKU labeling, and polybag or shrink wrap packaging.

We combine this with order fulfillment, returns processing, and services like storage and inventory replenishment, alongside extras like setting up subscription boxes.

Most importantly, these services are fully omni-channel. We prep and deliver products for FBA, but offer DTC across Shopify, Walmart, and any other platform you sell on. And, with over 50 warehouses and services across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, and the Netherlands, MyFBAPrep can break orders down in one warehouse, distribute them across our network, and then quickly ship from nearly anywhere to guarantee two-day shipping.

Full insight with Preptopia® 17:36

Preptopia® allows you to aggregate and consolidate shipping and SKU management across 3PL, including our 50+ warehouse network. The software provides a real-time overview of SKU status, location, and values, offering transparency about how products are picked, prepped, and packed/fulfilled. That means:

  • Transparent and real-time item-level prep tracking
  • Unified billing and reports showing opportunities and growth areas
  • Amazon integration
  • Real-time chat with integrated warehouses

MyFBAPrep partners with Amazon Freight to offer unique 24/7 visibility of shipments. You’ll always know when and where your shipment is, and it’s status. Plus, with a 24- to 72-hour turnaround time for shipments, native integration between Amazon Seller Central and Preptopia®, and an extensive suite of services for different items and configurations, Preptopia® simplifies how you prep and ship products.

Q&A 25:45