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No matter where you are on your eCommerce journey, Fulfilled by Amazon/FBA prep will allow you to release warehouse space, meet the fulfillment requirements to get on Amazon Prime, develop your customer service skills, and account for health by taking advantage of Amazon’s services. Today, we will talk about the top-notch FBA prep services provided by MyFBA Prep.

You have several options for preparing your items for FBA: managing it on your own, paying Amazon’s fees which tend to be extremely high, or paying a third-party FBA prep service. Each option has different advantages depending on your business size, current warehouse capabilities, and total costs.

Outsourcing FBA prep and shipping is often particularly cost-effective thanks to moving inventory, importing new stock directly into FBA, and reduce the time it takes inventory to get to Amazon.

If you’re running a lean or a comparatively small eCommerce store, you may not be ready to meet FBA’s strict quality standards for prep. Getting things wrong may result in your products being refused at the FBA center or warehouse or have a higher rate of product returns that can end in account suppression.

Inspection, packaging, and labeling merchandise must meet FBA’s standards, so you must have access to the personnel, equipment, and resources to try to do so efficiently and affordably.

Staging or FBA prep warehouses allow you to outsource this step to a third-party, so you’ll be able to quickly scale your eCommerce business without the headaches.

What to Think About When Choosing an FBA Prep Service

While many FBA prep centers will claim to supply the most straightforward price, you regularly need to consider factors unique to your business.


Some sellers like it better to choose sales-tax-free or low-cost ports for sites when shipping on to Amazon from overseas. You’ll want to settle on a warehouse as close as possible to your suppliers to reduce shipping costs.


Pricing may be a crucial part of any eCommerce service, but it’s essential to focus on other intangibles besides just cost, such as customer service and available technology.

Storage Facilities

Some FBA prep services can store additional inventory to scale back total FBA costs. Others also offer traditional 3PL services. It’s essential to concentrate on what you would like to support your sales velocity, minimum order quantity from your supplier, and total costs of maintaining inventory yourself, storing it at FBA, or paying for storage at a prep center.

Speed and time interval

FBA prep centers can take anywhere from 24 hours to a month to process your goods. This may depend upon the organization, the services required, and the site. If you’re importing from abroad, it’s important to balance costs against speed and the way it impacts your pipeline and inventory.

An FBA prep service can prevent an excellent deal over-investing in importing, inspecting, processing, labeling, and shipping inventory to Amazon yourself. However, it’s crucial to review costs and, therefore, the suitability of every choice to ensure that your FBA prep solution offers quality customer service and a return on value for your store.

With rates starting at around $1.00 per item at most companies, FBA prep is often an inexpensive and accessible choice to assist you in increasing sales on Amazon, reducing internal costs, or reducing the entire size of your organization. There you have it, the top-notch FBA prep services provided by MyFBA Prep.


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