Books for Amazon Prep Books Services in Indiana - My FBA Prep

It is no secret that Amazon is an excellent platform for you to reach more audience and increase sales. So, it does make perfect sense to use Amazon’s Prep Books Services in Indiana. Although there is a great advantage in doing FBA, there is some downfall to it too – they lack flexibility and require you to make specific stipulations which, if you do not comply with, they can find you, or worse, they’d refuse your books.

With this step by step guide, you should know how to prepare, list, and send your books to Amazon’s Prep Books Services in Indiana in a more efficient way without fear of your inventory being refused.

Necessary Equipment and Supplies and Set-Up

Preparing your books for Amazon Prep Books Services in Indiana may somehow be complicated, especially if you are not armed with the right equipment and supplies. FBA book prep needs to be appropriately set so that you can have things done in order and in a shorter amount of time. Below are the things you’ll need:

1. Home Depot Small Moving Boxes
2. Thermal Label Printer
3. USB Barcode Scanner
4. Removable Barcode Labels
5. Digital Shipping Scale
6. Shipping Tape
7. Label Peelers
8. Clorox Wipes
9. Eraser

Prepping your books will be more comfortable with all the things mentioned above. Before you start anything, though, you’d need to create a station for you to set-up your supplies and materials in an organized fashion. Prepare your computer, label printer, USB barcode scanner, erasers, and label peelers. Make sure that your station is close enough to a power outlet and has a garbage can close by.

Configure Your Listing Software

Selling books on Amazon means that you have established a listing software to use for your preparation. You can use Accelerlist. Check out a tutorial in using this listing software, and if you did not want to pay for anything at this point, you could always opt for the 14-day trial that Accelerlist offers. Amazon Prep Books Services in Indiana uses the same listing software.

Sort and List Your Books by Condition

FBA Prep Centers are available for you to check. Like these centers – or any store for that matter, has their inventory in check. You have to sort your books into different condition categories and grades. Amazon has guidelines that you can check if you are not sure where to start.

If you want to streamline your FBA book preparation process, you should sort and grade them before listing them. Be extremely thorough with this step – your future clients will give better feedback if you have classified them accurately.

Submit Your Batch Info and Tape Shipping Labels

After everything is itemized and packed, you can then submit your box content info out of your listing software. Assign your books to a box and print the 2D barcodes from the FBABoxContent page. Once done, print your shipping labels and make sure that you affix your labels and 2D barcodes away from the flaps of the boxes to make sure that they won’t get ripped once your boxes are opened.
Send Books to Amazon

Since everything is packed and ready to go, it’s time to bring your boxes to UPS. Depending on where you live, Amazon Prep Books Services in Indiana use UPS. It is the easiest way to do this. Once all the boxes are in UPS, your work is practically done!