Tips on How to Package Items for Amazon FBA

Like all online platforms, selling products in Amazon means you have to follow specific guidelines. Remember that you will need Amazon-compliant packaging if you want your products to reach Amazon’s Fulfillment Center. If you are asking how to package items for Amazon FBA, you came to the right place.

More retail businesses ventured into e-commerce because people preferred online shopping. One of the many challenges that business owners encounter is identifying the best way to deliver their products to a more extensive customer base, without necessarily breaking the bank but not compromising their brand.  Finding warehouse space, processing orders and returns, and shipping to consumers is often time-consuming. Any setbacks can impede the business’s ability to scale up and meet their customers’ demands.

Fortunately, Amazon’s FBA service allows business owners to specialize in selling while Amazon handles everything else. We’ve identified the ins and outs of FBA’s shipping guidelines and procedures to take full advantage of the services they offer.

What Exactly is Fulfilment by Amazon?

Business owners who sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can benefit from Amazon’s warehousing, shipping, and customer service set-up. Sellers pack and ship their inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon handles picking it up, packing, and the transportation of the merchandise, together with providing customer service to the customer.

There’s no minimum on the amount of units sellers can ship through Amazon FBA. Sellers pay as they are going, and are charged just for the orders that Amazon fulfills (as well as a fee for storage space). Leaving the order fulfillment and shipping processes to Amazon frees up a lot of time and resources for little businesses to focus on marketing and selling their products.

Advantages of FBA

Being a part of Amazon is a big deal. Amazon is an e-commerce giant – that in itself is an advantage. Sellers who ship products through FBA benefit in Amazon’s infrastructure. It makes products available for Prime shipping and broadens its access to customers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. All orders are often managed through an easy-to-use online interface for smooth communication.

Shipping Through FBA

Doing business through FBA means that vendors must suit Amazon’s packaging standards. Sellers should use the right shipping and labeling supplies before directing their products to the fulfillment centers.

Items sold as a set like books, shampoos, conditioners, and toys have to be marked intrinsically on their packaging with a label that reads “Sold as Set” or “Do Not Separate.” Names got to be clear and legible so that warehouse workers can easily segregate products.

Paper Mart features custom label options that will be used for precisely this purpose. Sellers also will label any perishable items with the expiration date on the carton. When shipping glass items, like jars or bottles, it’s always helpful to incorporate a fragile label.

When it comes time to box in items, everything must be contained within one, secure package. Boxes should be securely closed, with openings or lids firmly sealed — we recommend tuck top boxes for added security. Glue or tape can also be used to keep boxes closed. Boxes must not collapse when pressure is applied to any of the edges, so sellers might want to think about using heavy-duty corrugated boxes for safer shipments.

This list could go on but these are the primary tips you’ll need in how to package items for Amazon FBA. From the materials that you need to the packaging instructions – it is safe to say that you’re good to go!