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We provide Amazon FBA prep, merchant fulfillment, and eCommerce services.

MyFBAPrep can optimize your eCommerce logistics and help you stay flexible as the industry evolves.


    We understand how important it is to get your prep work right and to do so quickly. We will ensure your inventory is prepared according to Amazon’s standards and we will get it into Amazon as soon as possible. With our easy-to-use tracking technology, Preptopia ™, you will be able to track your inventory every step of the way. Send us your products and we’ll handle the rest.


    Our team has decades of experience in logistics, customer service, and account management. As former Amazon sellers, we know exactly what you need from an FBA prep service. We are constantly innovating and improving to ensure our clients receive the lowest possible cost with the best customer service.


    Warehouse Network

    Warehouse Network Warehouse Network

    50+ Fulfillment Centers Spread Across the Country

    Our expansive network extends to more than 50 fulfillment centers strategically located across the country. This means reduced inbound shipping costs from vendors and allows D2C and FBM enabled businesses to reach customers within one to two business days.

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    Built by amazon sellers

    Meet the team

    MyFBAPrep was founded by major FBA sellers and former Amazon employees. We understand that the time it takes to get your product into Amazon is crucial. Our knowledge and expertise ensure your prep work will be done quickly and efficiently.

    Co-founder at MyFBAPrep
    Taylor Smits

    Taylor got his start in eCommerce over a decade ago by selling sporting event and concert tickets online. He has since added dropshipping, private ....

    Advisor and consultant
    Tom Wicky

    Tom is an entrepreneur, startup advisor and management consultant with over 20-years of senior management experience. He is Co-Founder of MyFBAPrep....

    Bart Boughton

    Having spent his career in marketing and operations roles for companies large and small, Bart brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the are....

    Covey Hayden

    Covey is My FBA Prep’s Key Account Manager and head of the Account Management team at My FBA Prep. She has past experience managing and growing lar....

    Neil Ackerman

    Neil is the Senior Director, Global Supply Chain Advanced Planning and Innovation, for Johnson and Johnson across all segments including Pharmaceut....

    Scott Needham

    As CTO of BuyBoxer, Scott builds automation and operation systems around selling on Amazon. To build the best systems, he continues to educate hims....