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MyFBAPrep Interviews
Operations Drives Profit: A Chat With Kathleen Sullivan Garman of SullyGarman & Associates

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Kathleen Sullivan Garman, founder and CEO of SullyGarman & Associates and operations consultant to multiple brands and B2B companies. Rachel and Kathleen talk about the importance of operations in tandem with sales and marketing, the perils and opportunity of returns, and what to automate at different growth stages....

By Rachel Andrea Go on April 10, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Make Pricing Your Strength: A Chat With Mark Perone of Feedvisor

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Mark Perone, head of partnerships at Feedvisor. Rachel and Mark talk about strategic pricing with AI, the power of partnerships in B2B, and much more. A successful eCommerce strategy requires a streamlined multi-channel repricing approach backed by robust data and technology. Feedvisor Essentials provides an AI-powered repricer with...

By Rachel Andrea Go on March 27, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Amazon Reimbursement Insights: A Chat With Yoni Mazor of Getida

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Yoni Mazor, co-founder and chief growth officer of Getida. Yoni shares his founder story, common areas Amazon sellers should look for reimbursements, the role of education in Getida’s growth, their recent rebrand, and more. Transcript below. Yoni’s background Rachel Andrea Go: Thank you so much, Yoni, for joining...

By Rachel Andrea Go on March 13, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Amazon Inventory Complexities: A Chat With Chelsea Cohen of SoStocked

In this video, Rachel chats with Chelsea Cohen, co-founder and CEO of SoStocked. They discuss the creation of her company and its eventual acquisition by Carbon6, Amazon’s changing inventory fees, how merchants can optimize their operations for higher margins, and more. Transcript below. Chelsea’s background Rachel Andrea Go: Welcome, Chelsea, and thanks for joining today....

By Rachel Andrea Go on February 28, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Maintaining Balanced Books in Uncertain Times: A Chat With Anthony Domenici of BASECAMP

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Anthony Domenici, CFO and Co-founder of BASECAMP Consulting Group. Rachel and Anthony discuss how he found his footing during the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to help from a friend, his accounting advice for brands, the major red flags he sees in business financials, and more. Transcript below. Anthony’s background...

By Rachel Andrea Go on February 21, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Monitor Your Return Reports: A Chat With Lesley Hensell of Riverbend Consulting

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Lesley Hensell, Co-Founder of Riverbend Consulting. Rachel and Lesley discuss her background, what brought her to start Riverbend Consulting, how she became known as “the suspension lady,” her advice for merchants to protect their accounts, and much more. Transcript below. Lesley’s background Rachel Andrea Go: To kick things...

By Rachel Andrea Go on February 14, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Brand = Consistency: A Chat With James Thomson of Equity Value Advisors

In this video, Rachel Go chats with James Thomson, Managing Partner of Equity Value Advisors, among other roles. Rachel and James discuss his background, early days of FBA, investing, and advice for brands.  Transcript below. James’ background Rachel Andrea Go: Thank you, James, for joining today. For my first question, I wanted to know...

By Rachel Andrea Go on February 07, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Build Relationships and Keep Learning: A Chat With Scott Needham of SmartScout

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Scott Needham, Founder of SmartScout. Rachel and Scott discuss how the Amazon landscape has evolved, his learnings from running BuyBoxer and SmartScout, the dangers of overhiring, building relationships as a growth channel, FBA fees and the bigger picture, and much more. Transcript below. Scott’s background Rachel Andrea Go:...

By Rachel Andrea Go on January 31, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Amazon Influencers Focus on Conversions vs. Traffic: A Chat With Liz Saunders of Fluencer Fruit

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Liz Saunders, Founder of Fluencer Fruit. Rachel and Liz discuss Liz’s journey with Jungle Scout, how she learned to communicate with both creative and technical teams, and her journey building Fluencer Fruit. They also talk about the differences between Amazon influencers and social media influencers, how UGC affects...

By Rachel Andrea Go on January 24, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
The industry is consolidating: A chat with Steven J. Edelstein of Fulfillment IQ

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Steven J. Edelstein, Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships, at Fulfillment IQ. Rachel and Steve talk about his background, where merchants and 3PLs need more alignment, keys to smooth eCommerce logistics, and his predictions for the future of 3PLs. Transcript below. Steve’s background Rachel Andrea Go: Can you share...

By Rachel Andrea Go on January 17, 2024