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40 min • Sep 2022

Prime Talk: PT131- Taylor Smits - Co-Founder & Chief Supply Chain Officer at My FBA Prep
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63 min • Aug 2022

The Opportunity Podcast: How to Get the Most Out of Your 3PL Fulfillment With Taylor Smits [Ep. 99]
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53 min • Apr 2022

Two Amazon Sellers and a Microphone: #198 - How Enterprise Level Amazon Sellers Can Benefit From Using A 3PL Network with Taylor Smits
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39 min • Apr 2022

Return on Podcast: Structuring Your E-Commerce Logistics - Return on Podcast Ep. 3 with Taylor Smits
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42 min • Dec 2021

Riverbend Consulting: eCommerce Logistics
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45 min • Dec 2021

Amazon Seller Insights: Leverage 3PL Expertise to Win Amazon Race— Taylor Smits
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37 min • Jun 2021

The Smartest Amazon Seller: Episode 106: FBA Scales. Getting inventory into FBA doesn't. Best solutions with Taylor Smits
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70 min • Sep 2020

Next Level eCommerce: The Amazon Mafia vs. The Ticket Mafia: Choose Your Own Adventure - Taylor Smits
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8 min • Jul 2020

808 Podcast: #423 Taylor Smits - My FBA Prep
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Case studies

Case Studies
a box that says "pacers running" and a stack of books that say "case study"
How Pacers Running Turned Logistics Into Their Competitive Advantage

Pacers Running is an iconic running shoe retailer that celebrates the journey and accomplishments of runners. They build communities by putting on best-in-class experiences for runners and delighting their customers with white glove service. They utilize MyFBAPrep to handle their Shopify fulfillment and Amazon FBA prep, so we spoke with Pacers Running President Chris Farley...

By Rachel Go on November 19, 2021

Case Studies
a box with a casa firelli logo and some books that say "case study" on them
How Casa Firelli tapped into the MyFBAPrep Network and Expertise to Grow Their Business

Biggar and Leith is a wine, spirits, and fancy goods company that sells popular brands like the Hotel Starlino aperitivos and Casa Firelli hot sauce. Their dedication to craftsmanship and eye for excellence helped them curate such successful and well-loved brands. Casa Firelli sells a rich, rounded Italian hot sauce that gives a delicious kick...

By Rachel Go on November 17, 2021

Case Studies
a box that with a Kaspien logo and some books that say "Case Study" on them
How Kaspien Balances an Extensive Logistics Network With MyFBAPrep

Kaspien partners with popular eCommerce brands on multiple channels to provide real-time analytics, a comprehensive supply chain, brand protection and optimization, algorithmic advertising, multi-marketplace tools, and more. They have the unique experience and tech stack to help sellers grow and expand across marketplaces successfully and profitably. Kaspien has partnered with more than four thousand brands,...

By Rachel Go on August 19, 2021

Case Studies
a box with a caveman foods logo and some books that say "case study" on them
How Caveman Foods Found Easy, Cost-Effective Kitting With MyFBAPrep

Caveman Foods provides Paleo-friendly snacks that are delicious, nutritious, and made with natural ingredients. They cut out artificial sweeteners, GMOs, dairy, soy, and gluten. Their guilt-free snacks are either Paleo Certified or Paleo-Friendly Certified, making them excellent for hiking, camping, road trips, or just taking along for when you feel like a healthy treat. Needless...

By Rachel Go on August 12, 2021

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