Rachel Andrea Go

Rachel is the marketing director of MyFBAPrep, and a remote marketing manager with a background in building scalable content engines. She creates content that wins customers for B2B ecommerce companies, and has scaled organic acquisition efforts for companies like Deliverr and Skubana.
Case Studies
How Noble House Furniture Used MyFBAPrep To Prep and Ship for 40 Sales Channels

Noble House Furniture, a leader in the home furnishings space, has to deal with some of the largest bulkiest shipments in eCommerce. The Noble House team needed to find a way to efficiently and affordably ship everything from oddly shaped packages to large and oversized goods for sales channels such as Target, Amazon, Walmart Marketplace...

By Rachel Andrea Go on June 12, 2024

a computer screen displaying ecommerce metrics
Strategies for Scaling eCommerce Business

Estimates predict global eCommerce revenue will total $3,178 billion in 2024. As the industry continues to boom globally, it’s important to build a strategy for scaling eCommerce business that is grounded in real-world evidence and proven tactics. Growth is crucial for your eCommerce brand to thrive, especially on a competitive marketplace like Amazon. Whether you’re...

By Rachel Andrea Go on June 10, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Amazon and off-Amazon Growth Levers: A Chat With Will Haire of BellaVix

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Will Haire, CEO and founder of BellaVix. Will shares what drove him to start BellaVix, how they retain clients, reasons to be excited about Walmart Marketplace, growth levers on Amazon, and why merchants shouldn’t forget to look off Amazon as well. Transcript below. Will’s background Rachel Andrea Go:...

By Rachel Andrea Go on June 05, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
The Role of Real Estate in eCommerce: A Chat With Jeff Vertun of CBRE

In this video, Rachel chats with Jeff Vertun, CBRE’s senior vice president of advisory & transaction services. Their discussion covers Jeff’s foray into commercial real estate, recent property price fluctuations, what to consider when selecting a warehouse location, and more. Transcript below. Jeff’s background Rachel Andrea Go: Hi, Jeff. Thanks for joining us. To kick...

By Rachel Andrea Go on May 22, 2024

a stack of boxes and a checklist on a clipboard
Amazon 1P vs 3P: Benefits of Each and Why to Move From 1P to 3P

For many brands and manufacturers, selling on Amazon is a no-brainer. However, even on a single platform like Amazon, you still have to make choices. Do you sell Amazon 1P or 3P? And what do those decisions mean for your business and its margins? Choosing to handle everything 1P in single, seamless transactions with Amazon.com...

By Rachel Andrea Go on May 16, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Creating Content With Research and Partnerships: A Chat With Tristan Williams of Envision Horizons

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Tristan Williams of Envision Horizons about managing marketing, creating content, learning about Amazon and eCommerce platform trends, and more. Transcript below. Tristan’s background Rachel Andrea Go: Thank you, Tristan, for joining me. Can you kind of start with how you got to where you are today, what you...

By Rachel Andrea Go on May 08, 2024

Case Studies
MyFBAPrep Warehouse Network Spotlight: Warehouse 72

In the cutthroat world of eCommerce, where lightning-fast fulfillment reigns supreme, Warehouse 72 exemplifies efficiency and first-rate service within the MyFBAPrep network. Strategically situated in Gloucester City, New Jersey, this facility offers innovative logistical solutions and is a trusted retailer partner. Keep reading to discover what makes Warehouse 72 a cut above other storage spaces....

By Rachel Andrea Go on May 01, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Events As a Strategic Growth Tool: A chat With Brexton Bennett of aiCommerce

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Brexton Bennett, Head of Business Development at aiCommerce. Brexton shares how he went from teaching to running events in eCommerce, leveraging events as a marketing channel for aiCommerce, channel strategy and the evolving social media scene, and more. Transcript below. Brexton’s background Rachel Andrea Go: Thank you, Brexton,...

By Rachel Andrea Go on April 24, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Operations Drives Profit: A Chat With Kathleen Sullivan Garman of SullyGarman & Associates

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Kathleen Sullivan Garman, founder and CEO of SullyGarman & Associates and operations consultant to multiple brands and B2B companies. Rachel and Kathleen talk about the importance of operations in tandem with sales and marketing, the perils and opportunity of returns, and what to automate at different growth stages....

By Rachel Andrea Go on April 10, 2024

Direct to Consumer
a stack of subscription boxes
Start a Subscription Box Business: 15 Subscription Boxes to Create Today

Convenience reigns kind in eCommerce. Consumers today are more eager than ever to have their favorite products delivered to their doorsteps. Subscription box businesses capitalize on this preference, combining the ease of online shopping with timely shipments. Some Americans are now signed up for 10 or more subscriptions, while budgeting app Truebill reported a less...

By Rachel Andrea Go on April 03, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Make Pricing Your Strength: A Chat With Mark Perone of Feedvisor

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Mark Perone, head of partnerships at Feedvisor. Rachel and Mark talk about strategic pricing with AI, the power of partnerships in B2B, and much more. A successful eCommerce strategy requires a streamlined multi-channel repricing approach backed by robust data and technology. Feedvisor Essentials provides an AI-powered repricer with...

By Rachel Andrea Go on March 27, 2024

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