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MyFBAPrep simplifies and solves 3PL fulfillment services for top Amazon sellers, so you can stay focused on building your business. Fast turnaround, nationwide network, full suite of services.

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  • Seamless FBA Prep

    Access a global prep and fulfillment network that lets you ship faster, further, and cheaper.

  • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime and Fulfilled by Merchant 3PL

    Use MyFBAPrep to handle your FBM orders and achieve Prime-like shipping speeds.

  • Kitting, Bundling, Shrink Wrap, and more

    Any and all the value-added services you need to ensure your product shines.

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All logistics services for all sales channels

  • Fulfillment
  • Cold storage
  • Kitting and Bundling
  • Labeling and Stickering
  • Custom Packaging
  • Polybagging
  • Dunnage
  • Quality Inspection
  • Sticker Removal
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Returns and RMAs
  • Prep Work

Grow Your Business and Take on New Challenges With MyFBAPrep

Get items prepped and into FBA quickly to ensure continuous sales

Get rapid turnaround and maximize your business growth with our fast and reliable item prep. SLAs ensure your product is ready in 24-72 hours.

Spend less time on paperwork, more time on growth

Consolidate 3PL fulfillment services, unify billing, and get a single point of contact for all your logistics needs, so you have more time to focus on growing your business.

Get a direct line to your dedicated account manager

Make our team truly part of your team. MyFBAPrep’s experienced account managers offer white-glove service, acting as eCommerce consultants with 5-star support at every step.

Expand to new markets and scale with confidence

Flexibility within the MyFBAPrep network gives you access to any service and location, so you can quickly and confidently scale up or down as needed anytime.

Get full visibility into your inventory with Preptopia®

Track your orders from start to finish, manage inventory, and monitor with item statuses with Preptopia®. Our system provides real-time visibility and direct team access.

Get empowered to leverage every new opportunity

Make your business faster, smarter, and better, so you never miss a new opportunity due to operational challenges.

Access Our Services

Simple subscriptions. No hidden fees.

Straightforward, all-inclusive pricing. No decoder ring needed.

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Item prep includes:
  • Receiving and inspection
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Poly bag or shrink wrap
  • Warning labeling
  • Sticker removal
  • Freight pickup scheduling
  • Amazon Seller Central (incl. shipping plan creation)
eCommerce fulfillment includes:
  • Packaging
  • Inserts
  • Pick and pack
  • Ship
  • Tracking
  • Postage

What Clients Say About MyFBAPrep

MyFBAPrep works with the brands you know and love, from apparel, to cosmetics, to food and beverage and beyond. Here are some of the nice things our clients have said about our FBA prep, DTC fulfillment, and other logistics services.

Overarchingly it’s been a really positive experience. We appreciate the responsiveness of the team and the comfort of knowing our products are in great hands at every step of the process.

Isabel Bolanos
Waldencast (Obagi) Business Strategist

We needed someone that was responsive, quick, and the fact that you create the FBA shipments and Walmart shipments and track them through all of that has just been perfect.

Dean Evenson
Kate Farms Senior Director of eCommerce Marketplaces

You guys made the process very quick, the contract was easy, you used our system so we could get up and running very quickly…We didn’t have to worry about the scaling of the business—you were able to take care of that for us, which was a relief…MyFBAPrep was able to scale with us as we needed, you were cost-effective, and you shipped orders on time.

Josh Dannett
Noble House COO

MFP certainly makes it easy on us. We just send in the materials that they need, and they turn everything around quickly. They certainly make the process pretty effortless…. MFP allows us to spend our time focusing on other things to assist the growth of our company … you’d be foolish not to enlist the help of experts to lighten your load.

Dwight Otis
Slate Supply Chain Manager

MyFBAPrep makes it easy and cost-effective…They are transparent, and they don’t force too much process into the relationship.

Damon Levy
Caveman Foods CEO

Flexible Services for Resilient Logistics

Full suite of eCommerce services for the modern merchant

Amazon FBA prep

Meticulous FBA prep with decades of experience ensuring merchant goods are seamlessly prepared.

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Direct to Consumer Fulfillment

Delight your most loyal customers with seamless order fulfillment and perfectly packaged products.

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Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant

Diversify your logistics strategy, access more 3PL fulfillment services, protect your sales, and maintain control over your brand experience.

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Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

Use the MyFBAPrep Seller Fulfilled Prime network to ensure fast, reliable shipping nationwide.

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Subscription Box Prep and Fulfillment

Deliver subscription boxes accurately and on time by letting MyFBAPrep package and fulfill orders.

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Temperature-Controlled Logistics

Get temperature-controlled storage and delivery for your refrigerated and frozen goods to ensure freshness and quality.

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Retail Replenishment

Keep your items in stock at your own independent retail stores as well as big box retailers.

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Reverse Logistics

Make your returns process easier for everyone involved with MyFBAPrep.

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Value-Added Services

Co-packing, bundling, sort and segregation, shrinkwrapping, and more.

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How MyFBAPrep Helped Enable Amazon Sales for Slate

“MFP certainly makes it easy on us. We just send in the materials that they need, and they turn everything around quickly…MFP allows us to spend our time focusing on other things to assist the growth of our company.” — Dwight Otis, Slate Supply Chain Manager

Learn how MyFBAPrep helped speed Slate’s 3PL fulfillment services prep time from 10 days to two, enabling faster replenishment and eliminating out-of-stock days.

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How SupplyTiger Used MyFBAPrep to Fill Halloween Gaps Under a Deadline

“Our favorite thing about working with MyFBAPrep, was the quick turnaround of the product processing after the initial training time on their end, as well as the good communication through Slack!” — Jason Stickel, SupplyTiger Product Manager

MyFBAPrep prepped and packed 17,000 units for SupplyTiger over the course of three LTL shipments and two months. Each run had a one- to two-day turnaround, which is our standard SLA for getting goods to market faster.

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How Caveman Foods found easy, cost-effective kitting with MyFBAPrep

“[MyFBAPrep] makes it easy and cost effective.” – Damon Levy, Caveman Foods Senior Director, Digital

Learn how Caveman Foods used MyFBAPrep to streamline their kits and bundles, and save $500 on each kitting order.

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How Casa Firelli tapped into the MyFBAPrep network and expertise to grow their business

“We use MyFBAPrep to fulfill all of our eCommerce orders, whether it’s pack/prep/ship on Shopify or a product we’re selling on Amazon. And we also use the team for helpful advice from time to time.” – Matt Herman, Casa Firelli Sales Director

Learn how Casa Firelli uses MyFBAPrep to expand their DTC business and prep their premium sauce with ease.

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How Kaspien balances an extensive logistics network with MyFBAPrep

“MyFBAPrep primarily jumped out because there weren’t very many other providers that had the options; the different locations, the ability to support different lines of business, whether it was FBA prep, DTC pivots, or otherwise.” – Jeff Bernatz, Kaspien Strategic Warehouse Director

Learn how Kaspien uses the MyFBAPrep network to distribute inventory for their various brands, gain flexibility thanks to a wide range of services, and make pivots to business strategy.

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How Pacers Running turned logistics into their competitive advantage

“If you want to surprise and delight your consumer, you look for a partner like MyFBAPrep.” — Chris Farley, Pacers Running President

Learn how Pacers Running uses MyFBAPrep to strengthen their supply chain, customize their prep process, and ship at scale.

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The volume of direct e-commerce orders we receive can make it difficult for some of our other partners to prioritize FBA builds. It could take 7 to 10 days just for items to be ready for pickup  by Amazon. With MyFBAPrep, it takes two, maybe three days to prep and pick up.

Justin Goodwin Slate Director of Operations

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