Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime 3PL

A smart way to diversify your FBM fulfillment strategy, protect your sales, and maintain control over your brand experience. When you use MyFBAPrep to handle your FBM orders, you can also achieve Prime-like shipping speeds and earn the Prime badge.

Leverage MyFBAPrep’s Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime network to ensure fast, reliable shipping nationwide.

With Amazon’s strict inbound requirements, we were looking for a partner that could consistently perform in a very detail-oriented manner, which is exactly what we’ve seen from MyFBAPrep.

Isabel Bolanos

Waldencast (Obagi) Business Strategist

The best of both worlds

FBA is convenient, and FBM fulfillment provides more control. Enjoy the convenience of the former with the control of the latter by using MyFBAPrep to fulfill your FBM orders.

Boost sales with the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime badge

Enrolling in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime gives you access to the Prime badge for your listing, as long as you provide Prime-level FBM fulfillment service levels such as free two-day delivery with a high on-time delivery rate.

Listings with the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime badge enjoy a sales boost and a higher chance of winning the buy box.

Control your unboxing experience

Maintain authority over your distribution strategy and unboxing experience with our FBM fulfillment services.

Under Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant, sellers can set their own FBM fulfillment parameters while still achieving Seller Fulfilled Prime. You choose the packaging, branding, and unboxing experience. That includes adding nods to your social media pages, or coupons for alternative sales channels you’re trying to grow.

Increase trust in your listings

Remove any hesitation or barriers to purchase. The well-recognized Prime badge boosts trust in your listings by capitalizing on the close association with Amazon’s credibility for your products.

Branded experience

Gain greater visibility into how your items are handled, ensure your pools of stock remain separate from other sellers’, and protect your brand experience with FBM streamlined fulfillment.

Plus, you can use the same partner for FBA and FBM fulfillment. Send all of your Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime inventory to MyFBAPrep and let us sort, prep, and ship based on your FBA and FBM needs.

Streamlined fulfillment

Use the same fulfillment partner for FBA and FBM. Send all of your Amazon inventory to MyFBAPrep and let us sort, prep, and ship based on your FBA and FBM needs.

Strategic allocations

MyFBAPrep can prep and send items into FBA as needed. Ship your best sellers into FBA to boost your IPI scores, and keep a designated amount of FBM stock with MyFBAPrep, so if you ever run out of FBA inventory, your sales remain uninterrupted.
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How it works


Merchants send inventory into any MyFBAPrep warehouse


MyFBAPrep will catalog and inventory items, and then place them in optimal pick positions


When orders come in from Amazon, MyFBAPrep will pick, pack, and ship them

Seamless Amazon fulfillment for top sellers, Amazon aggregators, and enterprise brands.




Sq. ft of operating space

24 to 72h

Prep turnaround

1-2 day

delivery across the US

Locations across







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