Stress-Free Reverse Logistics Solutions

Make your returns process easier for everyone involved with MyFBAPrep’s reverse logistics solutions.

Your return comes in from a number of sources

A direct-to-consumer return is typically shipped to a MyFBAPrep facility by the customer.

A marketplace customer return is collected by the marketplace facility and sent in bulk to a MyFBAPrep facility.

Undeliverable packages may return to MyFBAPrep if an order is shipped from our facility initially and then cannot be delivered for any reason.

Marketplace inventory returns come from marketplaces when items need to be returned to vendors, for example if inventory has expired, there are compliance issues like unscannable labels, or for inventory management such as overstocking or SKU transitions.

Items are processed according to your SOPs

Returned items arriving at a MyFBAPrep facility are received, sorted, and inspected. Further routing and processing is driven by client-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs). We are meticulous in ensuring all reverse logistics processes are followed to the letter.

A few common return dispositions you can choose

Disposal/destruction – Common for items that are damaged, expired, partially consumed, or otherwise unsellable. In some cases, we can harvest any usable components or materials.

Refurbish – Some items can be returned to sellable condition through replacement of packaging and/or components.

Return to stock – First-rate goods that come back in pristine sellable condition are returned to on-hand or marketplace inventory. If needed, they are prepped first.

Return to seller – We can send clients returned items in various conditions, for example to inspect reported damage or process elsewhere.

The MyFBAPrep reverse logistics solutions advantage


To scale up and down | As sellers add channels or identify new needs, MyFBAPrep offers multiple options for managing reverse logistics solutions in either existing client facilities or by introducing new locations

In how we handle seller returns | Processes and decision logic can be customized to client needs with any of our reverse logistics solutions


Process | End-to-end solution for product to be received, processed, and processed reduces seller involvement

Supply Chain | Reduce complexity with no need to manage multiple service providers for warehousing, fulfillment, and reverse logistics


Consistency | For clients which we manage their inventory and/or fulfillment, we are familiar with the nuances and specifics of their assortment

Attention to detail | Inspections and return to stock require attention to detail to ensure future customers get top quality goods

Maintain a clear view of your inventory

Keep track of your inventory, including returns and damaged goods. We can inspect returns to help you deduce what went wrong, and maintain a clear picture of your items with our comprehensive reverse logistics solutions.

Manage bundled returns

Allow customers to return parts of a bundled set or kit, and we can check and handle the rest.

Sometimes customers are happy with the majority their order, but want to return a single item. MyFBAPrep can help verify what has been sent back, check it for quality, and handle it according to your SOP for returns.

Make returns convenient for your customers

Your buyers have enough going on, and making them jump through hoops for a return isn’t going to win you any lifelong customers. Delight your customers with a seamless returns process that maintains their trust for future purchases.

Reverse Logistics FAQs

Can you put returns straight back into FBA?

After inspection, we can route goods according to any business rules a client would like, including putting into FBA inventory. Our teams will prep returned items to the same standards as all other inventory and can create a dedicated shipping plan for returned items and/or add to existing inbound shipments.

How long does it take MyFBAPrep to process a batch of returns?

Once items arrive at a MyFBAPrep facility, inspection and prep typically occurs within 48-72 hours.

Do you provide detailed reports or insights on the status and condition of returned products?

Absolutely. We can provide summary reports over time and details for a specific return, depending on the level of insights desired by the client and the data available to the warehouse team.

What items should I not allow returns for?

Consumables can present issues for returns due to broken factory seals and used products being unsellable, while low-cost or low-margin items in general typically are not ideal for returns due to the shipping, handling, and resale costs. Many clients will refund an unsatisfied client without completing a return because it is a better economic approach.

Are there any items MyFBAPrep will not handle returns for?

MyFBAPrep can handle reverse logistics for anything that isn't dangerous, such as hazmat, weapons, or excessively large items. We have different processes and expectations for different kinds of products, so get in touch if you are unsure.

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