Food and beverage logistics

Spotless, efficient food and beverage prep, storage, fulfillment, bundling, and more
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Spotless facilities

Regular pest control

Certified warehouses

Temperature control

Customized equipment

Scalable processes

Meticulous staff

How it works


We recieve your inventory and check each unit for defects, packaging damage, and more. Keep a close eye on your goods as we scan in each item for crystal clear record keeping.


We prep your products according to strict food handling guidelines, alongside your brand requirements. We can kit variety packs, update packaging, create unique bundles, and more.


We store your items safely in sanitized environments, and can accommodate FIFO to be cognizant of expiration dates. We also have temperature-controlled facilities in our network, should you require cold storage.


We ship your items, buyer-ready and FBA-compliant to an Amazon warehouse, any 3PL, or directly to your buyers as orders come in.

Your logistic partner for food and beverage prep

We simplify eCommerce logistics. Let us handle your DTC fulfillment, FBA prep, temperature-controlled storage, and more.
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Spotless warehouses

Food and beverage optimized warehouses in our network are designed specially to keep pests out. We have regular cleaning, inspection, and pest control to ensure sanitary conditions.

Temperature control

Keep your product at peak quality with temperature controlled storage and delivery. Ship frozen deliver thawed, or keep items at consistent temperature throughout.

Custom prep

We create customized workflows for each client based on their brand preferences and special handling instructions. Make your unboxing experience as unique as your flavors.

Kitting and variety packs

Whether you want FBA prep, new holiday bundles, or to launch a subscription box, MyFBAPrep can handle your logistics.

Fast replenishment

Replenish your inventory to prevent stockouts. We can restock your retail stores, big box retailers, and any online channel.

Specialized equipment

We know every can, bag, and food package is unique. We can install specialized equipment to better prep and handle your goods.

Reliable food and beverage prep and delivery

Get clean, efficient, and temperature-controlled food and beverage logistics.

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