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MyFBAPrep provides Amazon FBA prep, fulfillment, and storage services for eCommerce merchants.


  • Rapid Turnaround: The faster inventory gets to Amazon warehouses, the sooner merchants can start making money.
  • Transparent pricing: No contracts and clear pricing means no surprise charges and a clear picture of revenue.
  • Nationwide coverage: Merchants can build redundancy into their fulfillment process to protect from unexpected roadblocks.
  • Network that scales: MyFBAPrep can scale alongside merchant businesses, so they never have growing pains (from this end).


    • Growth without marketing: You can remove your sales and marketing arm, as we will bring customers directly to you.
    • Single payee: No more chasing down small individual invoices. Simplify your accounting with MyFBAPrep as a single revenue line item.
    • Reliable revenue: MyFBAPrep works with a wide range of merchants and has a near-perfect retention rate, so you can count on your income.
    • FBA Prep-specific system: Streamlined and lightweight software that is easy to use and learn. See how many units you’ve prepped every month, your average turnaround time, and more.
Warehouse application

Warehouse application

What is your current monthly output?
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What is your full street address? If you have multiple warehouses, please write your primary address.
What is your full street address? If you have multiple warehouses, please write your primary address.
Does anyone onsite have prior experience with FBA prep or Amazon Seller Central?
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MyFBAPrep will own the merchant relationship and provide account management and customer service. Most often, your only contact will be the MyFBAPrep team, so you don't have to worry about juggling multiple merchant accounts.

Warehouse Requirements

At least 1500 sqft of space available

Able to prep and send out items within 24-72 hours

Able to prep a minimum of 10,000 units per month

Nice to Have

D2C fulfillment capabilities

FBA prep expertise

Amazon Seller Central knowledge

How it Works

Fill out the application form.

When we identify a good merchant-warehouse fit, we’ll reach out.

Once we agree on terms and pricing per client, we’ll send you a formal proposal