Kitting and Assembly Solutions

MyFBAPrep can break down larger packs, kit and assemble variety or smaller packs, and much more.

You guys in your model uniquely can go out and find different 3PL partners based on what your customers need…You secured space for us, unloaded containers, stored containers, picked by the carton for eCommerce customers, labeled, scanned, shipped.

Josh Dannett

Noble House Chief Operations Officer

Kitting and Assembly Solutions That Accelerate Growth

Whether you need items kitted in a variety pack, broken down into smaller quantities, or securely shrink-wrapped to go to your retail stores, MyFBAPrep has the kitting and assembly solutions that will take your logistics to the next level.


Impress your customers with custom-designed bundles from MyFBAPrep. From subscription boxes to gift packs and multi-variety packs, we’ll create packaging that aligns with your brand’s unique specifications.

Shrink Wrap

Protect your packages of all sizes with custom shrink wrap from MyFBAPrep’s kitting and assembly solutions, preventing breakage and keeping items grouped and organized.

Re-labeling at scale

MyFBAPrep ensures accuracy and organization of your labels, and adds safety and branded stickers at scale to align with your guidelines.

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Sort and Segregation

Send items exactly as they are from your suppliers with minimal fuss. MyFBAPrep’s kitting and assembly solutions can handle blind receiving to sort and segregate your SKUs exactly where they need to be.

48-hour prep: Blind receiving 55,000 units/19 gaylords/multiple SKUs

One MyFBAPrep customer sent us 19 gaylords with 55,000 individual units & multiple SKUs all needing to be sorted and prepped, with no direction from the merchant.

The team was able to handle blind receiving and inventory reconcile to sort and prep all 55,000 items within 48 hours with our expert kitting and assembly solutions.


Batch similar products together to save space, optimize your item replenishment, or improve your brand experience.

  • Single SKU
  • Club packs
  • Multi-pack
  • Variety Pack: 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, 24 ct. configurations
  • Pre-print film
  • Assembly of EAD (End of Aisle Displays)
  • Shipper Displays
  • Update packaging with your branding
  • FDA or USDA Tracing Available
  • Kit Assembly
  • Cartoning
  • Blister Packaging
  • Cosmetic / Perfume Cello Wrapping
  • Basic Cello Wrapping
  • Rainbow Packs
  • Wrap pallets with protective film
  • Small and Large capabilities available
  • Additional certifications: SQF, USDA, FDA-certified, alcohol bonded, food grade

How MyFBAPrep Enabled 6-Packs on Amazon for Kate Farms

Kate Farms’s shakes and formulas were traditionally sold in packs of 12 with a single flavor. Reducing the minimum purchase from 12 packs to 6 made it accessible to consumers interested in trying Kate Farms, but didn’t have the space or budget for 12 at a time.

“We needed someone that was responsive, quick, and the fact that you create the FBA shipments and Walmart shipments and track them through all of that has just been perfect.” — Dean Evenson, Kate Farms Senior Director of eCommerce Marketplaces

Kate Farms started with one product, expanded to five or six, and is now using MyFBAPrep to prep 12 different 6-packs for Amazon.

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