Health and Beauty Logistics Services

Delegate FBA prep, DTC fulfillment, B2B retail replenishment, and more to trusted partners.
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Meticulous packaging

Strategic boxing and dunnage

1-2 Day prep turnaround

Custom workflows per client

Transparent tracking

Certified warehouses

Open communication

How it works


We check your items and scan each piece in. If we notice any issues in quality, we will alert you immediately with photos and a report.


Optionally, we can store your goods until they are ready to go to your buyers, retail stores, into FBA, or anywhere else.


We prep your items to your exact specifications within a few days, whether that is labeling, stickering, general FBA prep, kitting, bundling, or more.


We ship your items, buyer-ready and FBA-compliant to an Amazon warehouse, DTC, to retail stores, or any other marketplace or sales channel.

Reliable health and beauty logistics for your growing business

Get precise, meticulous, and reliable health and beauty logistics services that scale with your brand.

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Your logistic partner for health and beauty prep, fulfillment, and beyond

We simplify eCommerce logistics. Let us handle your DTC fulfillment and FBA prep. Streamline your operations with our expertise.
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Meticulous packaging

Get social-worthy unboxing experiences as we carefully follow your brand guidelines when it comes to labeling, stickering, branded packaging, and more.

Strategic boxing and dunnage

Rest confidently knowing your goods are safe. We know exactly how to package goods to maximize space, minimize waste, and ensure protection.

1-2 Day prep turnaround

Replenish your inventory as quickly as your products sell. We can prep your items in just a few days to replenish your stock in FBA, Ulta Beauty, and more.

Certified warehouses

Work with warehouses that match your needs, whether that means temperature-controlled storage, or industry certifications.

Transparent tracking

Our transparent tracking system quickly communicates inventory discrepancies and damages so you can ensure top quality and accurate counts.

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