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How Obagi Started Selling on Amazon With the Help of MyFBAPrep

Obagi is an award-winning global skincare brand, known for its medical-grade clinically-proven products that deliver transformative, visible results for all skin concerns, skin types, and skin tones.

Obagi uses MyFBAPrep to prep and send their products to Amazon. We spoke with Isabel Bolanos, business strategist of Waldencast, the parent company of Obagi to learn what their experience has been like working with MyFBAPrep to enable Amazon sales.

Discovering MyFBAPrep through referrals

“Obagi’s Amazon agency referred to MyFBAPrep as the best in the business, which speaks to the specialization and expertise we were looking for as we looked to launch Amazon with an accelerated timeline.” — Isabel Bolanos, Waldencast Business Strategist

Isabel found MyFBAPrep through an agency referral, who understood that Obagi was looking for Amazon and FBA experts to work with to ensure prep, packaging, and processes were flawless.

“With Amazon’s strict inbound requirements, we were looking for a partner that could consistently perform in a very detail-oriented manner, which is exactly what we’ve seen from MyFBAPrep.” — Isabel Bolanos, Waldencast Business Strategist

Isabel wanted to find a partner who would be able to keep up with the demands and complexities of FBA prep while still turning around products quickly. In her research and discussions with MyFBAPrep, it became “very evident that the know-how and expertise was there from the very first conversation.”

What MyFBAPrep does for Obagi

MyFBAPrep handles everything from when Obagi’s items hit our warehouse to when they’re shipped to Amazon’s locations. In Isabel’s words;

“MyFBAPrep will receive our products and very diligently sort, inspect, and prep the goods to go to Amazon while proactively keeping our team posted on ETAs for shipment. The complexity of prepping the goods can vary from single prep to two packs, combination of SKUs for sets, etc. ”   

“Because of Preptopia®, the platform that MyFBAPrep offers, there is a home for all the inventory data”

“We appreciate MyFBAPrep’s proactiveness in creating shipping plans to ensure we are operating in the most cost-efficient manner, reflecting how the thought process is always brand-first.”

According to Isabel, based on her experience with MyFBAPrep, any merchant who “values attention to detail” and wants to trust the experts with the best treatment of their products would value working with MyFBAPrep.

A direct line of communication

Isabel’s favorite aspect of working with MyFBAPrep is “the responsiveness of the team. From the account management to those working in the warehouse, I know I’m only an email or call away from a prompt answer which is very important for key promotional periods where we need to replenish at high velocities.”

On top of that, “if it requires faster turnaround or expediting, I know the team is able to do it for us.”

With fast response times and the flexibility to expedite when needed, she can rest assured that Obagi will remain seamlessly in stock on Amazon.

The MyFBAprep advantage

“Overarchingly it’s been a really positive experience. We appreciate the responsiveness of the team and the comfort of knowing our products are in great hands at every step of the process.” — Isabel Bolanos, Waldencast Business Strategist

MyFBAPrep is more than just a logistics provider for our customers. We’re true partners that consider your unique business models and aim for the best strategies for your success. As we’re closest to your product, we’re always looking for the best ways to optimize your shipping times and costs, while improving your buyer experience.

If you want to work with an Amazon FBA prep expert, so you don’t have to worry about getting products sent back or non-compliance, contact MyFBAPrep.