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How Noble House Furniture Used MyFBAPrep To Prep and Ship for 40 Sales Channels

Noble House Furniture, a leader in the home furnishings space, has to deal with some of the largest bulkiest shipments in eCommerce. The Noble House team needed to find a way to efficiently and affordably ship everything from oddly shaped packages to large and oversized goods for sales channels such as Target, Amazon, Walmart Marketplace and more.

MyFBAPrep worked with Noble House Chief Operating Officer Josh Dannett to manage their Amazon 1P and 3P (Fulfilled by Merchant) sales, along with all of their FBA prep. We spoke with Josh to learn more about their experience using MyFBAPrep for their logistics.

Discovering a partner that could scale quickly

“We had a huge space deficit—you could very quickly accommodate and take our business. You guys made the process very quick, the contract was easy, you used our system so we could get up and running very quickly.” — Josh Dannett, Noble House COO

Josh came to us when he was “desperate for space.” At the time he found us, Josh says that “the containers were already on the water and this is where they were heading. You were able to open up space at multiple locations and at one point you actually took a building for us to have enough space.”

To accommodate all of the space they needed, Noble House utilized three separate prep and fulfillment centers within our warehouse network, all within Southern California at their request.

In addition to finding the space they needed at a breakneck pace, MyFBAPrep was also able to scale Noble House operations in terms of manpower and manage fluctuating personnel needs based on demand.

“We didn’t have to worry about the scaling of the business—you were able to take care of that for us, which was a relief.” — Josh Dannett, Noble House COO

MyFBAPrep employed a dedicated crew on behalf of Noble House to ensure speed, scale, and security.

How MyFBAPrep ensured seamless logistics for large, bulky items

“You guys in your model uniquely can go out and find different 3PL partners based on what your customers need…You secured space for us, unloaded containers, stored containers, picked by the carton for eCommerce customers, labeled, scanned, shipped.” — Josh Dannett, Noble House COO

There were a few key factors that led to smooth logistics for Noble House’s inventory, including the ability to find space as needed, adopt their WMS, and customize our SOP based on the business needs.

Handling bulky logistics for 40 sales channels

“We had about 40 channels that we sold through. We provided MyFBAPrep with the label and everything like that, and we used you to ship around 40 channels.” — Josh Dannett, Noble House COO

Noble House was a supplier to retailers and sales channels such as Target, Amazon (FBA, FBM, AMZL), Walmart, Wayfair, Costco, Houzz, Homedepot, Overstock, and more.

That means MyFBAPrep delivered oversized, overweight, bulky inventory into these sales channels and their respective fulfillment arms, such as Amazon Logistics.

Integrating Noble House’s proprietary WMS

“We didn’t want to have to go through integrating someone else’s system into our own. In our experience when we had done that in the past, it always led to issues. So your ability to use our system let us get started very quickly—we didn’t have to learn anything else. That is one differentiator—not everyone will use someone else’s system, so the fact that you were flexible on that was a big deal for us.” — Josh Dannett, Noble House COO

MyFBAPrep installed Noble House’s proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) into our warehouses as a custom solution. We also created and followed bespoke standard operating procedures (SOPs) using best practices.

MyFBAPrep processed all inventory directly through the Noble House WMS, which included a portal to print and process all orders, simplifying the pick and pack process for all order fulfillment inclusive of omnichannel fulfillment.

Leveraging economies of scale

“You were extremely cost effective and I was surprised at that. You were very competitive with all the other 3PLs and that continued throughout the relationship…The business that you are in is a very difficult business, yet you do a really good job on the cost side.” — Josh Dannett, Noble House COO

As Josh mentions, MyFBAPrep strives to keep our prices competitive and conducive to sellers’ margins. We were able to source great deals thanks to economies of scale and pass on those savings to the Noble House team.

“MyFBAPrep was able to scale with us as we needed, you were cost-effective, and you shipped orders on time.” — Josh Dannett, Noble House COO

Setting up custom SOPs

“You guys performed very well, you were efficiently getting containers into the building, you were efficiently shipping out. We didn’t really have any issues that I can remember with performance. It was a value-add that you had your own person within the 3PL hub to manage the account.” — Josh Dannett, Noble House COO

All Noble House items were individually scanned in and reported upon arrival, then provided pallet positions. If we moved pallet positions to consolidate inventory, those items would be re-scanned to maintain accurate location and inventory records. Items were then scanned again when loaded into containers to provide accurate inventory tracking to Noble House customers.

When needed, MyFBAPrep also assisted Noble House internally by processing inventory transfers between Noble House facilities.

Noble House + MyFBAPrep in the numbers

Below are a few numbers that demonstrate the massive scale of Noble House logistics and our ability to handle large volumes for multiple sales channels.

Noble House utilized 3 prep centers across Southern California with 24-hour security at all locations. We managed all the labor and staffing at these locations.

Our monthly picks for Noble House averaged between 6,000 to 15,000 units per month with 300+ SKU variants. We did roughly 150,000 picks over a one year period.

At the height of our contract, Noble House had 16,307 pallet positions, averaging more than 10,000 per month during peak periods.

We managed daily container drops with 30+ containers in the yard. Containers were received within 24 hours of landing.

MyFBAPrep managed 1 to 3 outbound containers daily that would be filled with picked orders, and shipped through a mix of UPS, FedEx, Amazon Logistics, and Amazon Freight.

Remaining partners to the end

“When we first brought our stuff to you, our business was doing quite well and you were helping us to scale up and find space for us and everything was happening very quickly. Then by the end of it, our business was really struggling and you were pretty willing to work with us and to figure things out together hand-in-hand. That meant a lot.” — Josh Dannett, Noble House COO

Unfortunately toward the end of our relationship, the Noble House business saw some struggles. However, Josh notes that MyFBAPrep and our co-founder and CEO Tom Wicky has always been willing to work together to find solutions and see where we could help mitigate some of the challenges.

The MyFBAPrep advantage

“Overwhelmingly, I came away with a good feeling about MyFBAPrep and Tom [Wicky], so I’m happy to give you a recommendation—and I have actually sent some friends your way…anyone in the eCommerce space would probably be an ideal customer for you.” — Josh Dannett, Noble House COO

Josh would and has recommended MyFBAPrep due to a few things, including competitive pricing, ability to scale, and flexibility when it comes to customizing workflows based on seller needs.

However, what stands out the most is how much of a partner MyFBAPrep is to our customers. We care enough to learn about your business, work together to determine what will be best for your success, and execute efficiently as if your inventory and reputation were our own. This is what set us apart from other providers at discovery and throughout the rest of the relationship, according to Josh.

If you’d like to work with a true logistics partner and entrust your inventory to providers who know the Amazon and eCommerce system deeply, contact us today.