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How SupplyTiger Used MyFBAPrep to Fill Halloween Gaps Under a Deadline

With the holidays coming up, every kid (and plenty of adults) look forward to oodles of candies, chocolates, dressing up, and fun merry-making.

SupplyTiger sells candy and chocolate, costumes, and other treats in theme with holidays like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

Earlier this year, SupplyTiger suddenly found themselves in need of efficient and cost-effective logistics for their costume processing. So, they decided to invest in a 3PL—enter MyFBAPrep.


As Halloween quickly approached, SupplyTiger also realized the lease on their warehouse would be up. Worse, they wouldn’t be able to process all of their Halloween products in their new warehouse space because they’d already allocated most of the storage for other products.

So, they needed a 3PL that was well versed in Amazon prep, could abide by an in-depth SOP, and was competitively priced.

Discovering MyFBAPrep

“During our initial video chat, I could tell the crew knew what they were doing. MyFBAPrep embraced using Slack and communicated well!” — Jason Stickel, SupplyTiger Product Manager

SupplyTiger searched online and quickly found their ideal partner in MyFBAPrep. One of the things that stood out most was our knowledge of Amazon’s policies and regulations, along with our ability to follow a detailed SOP to the letter. We were their first choice for Halloween costume prep, and SupplyTiger hasn’t looked back since.

Turning a pinch into opportunity

“Regarding our costumes, we just won’t have the space to process, so we will save on space and labor [by working with MyFBAPrep].” — Jason Stickel, SupplyTiger Product Manager

Instead of missing out on Halloween sales due to a lack of space and time, SupplyTiger is able to list and sell their costumes, and make a profit with MyFBAPrep’s competitive prep rates.


Thanks to our expertise around FBA guidelines, SupplyTiger is also able to seamlessly replenish Amazon inventory without any hiccups or mistakes as MyFBAPrep is handling FBA prep and replenishment.

MyFBAPrep prepped and packed 17,000 units for SupplyTiger over the course of three LTL shipments and two months. Each run had a one- to two-day turnaround, which is our standard SLA for getting goods to market faster.

The MyFBAPrep advantage

“Our favorite thing about working with MyFBAPrep, was the quick turnaround of the product processing after the initial training time on their end, as well as the good communication through Slack!” — Jason Stickel, SupplyTiger Product Manager

When asked what their favorite part about working with MyFBAPrep was, SupplyTiger noted that our service, speed, and communication stood out.

By understanding our customers’ business goals and prioritizing their success over simply getting a job done, the MyFBAPrep team is able to stick to lightning-fast turnaround for faster prep-to-sale times, train customer teams in any knowledge or process gaps to optimize for FBA, and ensure our customers are always updated and informed of their inventory status.

Are you ready to take your FBA prep to the next level, and start selling in no time? Learn how we can supercharge your eCommerce logistics.