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How Kaspien Balances an Extensive Logistics Network With MyFBAPrep

Kaspien partners with popular eCommerce brands on multiple channels to provide real-time analytics, a comprehensive supply chain, brand protection and optimization, algorithmic advertising, multi-marketplace tools, and more. They have the unique experience and tech stack to help sellers grow and expand across marketplaces successfully and profitably.

Kaspien has partnered with more than four thousand brands, achieved more than $1 billion in retail sales, and won their clients a 30% increase in sales with strategic marketing. They also build tools based on the needs they observe in the industry, such as an ad management system. Most recently, they launched seller reimbursement software that quickly identifies cases eligible for reimbursement in Amazon accounts.

Their suite of services, history of excellence, and wealth of experience with multiple brands makes them a powerful ally for any eCommerce seller.

Kaspien uses MyFBAPrep within their expansive logistics network to handle prep and fulfillment, while staying flexible using our eCommerce services.

“MyFBAPrep primarily jumped out because there weren’t very many other providers that had the options; the different locations, the ability to support different lines of business, whether it was FBA prep, DTC pivots, or otherwise.” – Jeff Bernatz, Kaspien Strategic Warehouse Director

We spoke with Kaspien Strategic Warehouse Director Jeff Bernatz to learn how he stays agile and ensures seamless operations for thousands of brands.

Why is a nationwide network crucial for eCommerce sellers?

“We started working with MyFBAPrep in 2019…. Having our inventory in multiple warehouses and being able to ship new inventory into and out of multiple warehouses gave us flexibility that we did not have before.” – Jeff Bernatz, Kaspien Strategic Warehouse Director

eCommerce success is inextricably linked to a nationwide warehouse and prep network for two reasons:

1) Fast, affordable delivery to your final destination

The closer to your final destination you can prep inventory, the faster and cheaper it will be to deliver.

For many sellers, the final destination is an FBA warehouse. That’s the last time they have to think about their fulfillment, as Amazon takes over the process from there.

Whether your item’s goal is to get into the FBA network or to your end consumer, it’s vital to keep inventory in close proximity.

2) Fast, affordable delivery from your suppliers

The more nodes you have in a warehouse network, the easier it is to snag a location close to your supplier.

For example, if you have a supplier in California, but a warehouse in New York, you’ll spend a lot shipping goods from California to New York to be prepped, only to have them shipped back across the country for delivery.

Speed and price can make or break an eCommerce business, as it has a waterfall effect on other critical aspects, including ROI, retention and CLV, buyer experience, revenue and profit, and more.

Expanding from in-house to a nationwide warehouse network

“We wanted to expand our FBA prep capabilities to different regions of the country in order to improve efficiency and reduce shipping costs.” – Jeff Bernatz, Kaspien Strategic Warehouse Director

Before MyFBAPrep, Kaspien used two in-house facilities and a handful of 3PLs to handle the bulk of their operations. However, they needed a more efficient solution to cover other regions of the country and reduce their shipping costs. Enter MyFBAPrep.

Maintaining in-house control with outsourced nodes

“We vetted many (10+) other 3PL providers before finding MyFBAPrep.” – Jeff Bernatz, Kaspien Strategic Warehouse Director

Kaspien knew they needed extensive coverage to stay competitive in terms of both price and service. But that didn’t mean they had to abandon their in-house facilities once they found the perfect fit.

The Kaspien team tested more than 10 alternative warehouses and 3PL/4PL options, including a facility in New York they ended up closing after finding MyFBAPrep. They strategically kept their in-house warehouses to handle key processes that required tighter control, while outsourcing prep work and shipping to MyFBAPrep.

As a result, they gained access to multiple locations for their inventory needs, on demand, and all part of one network.

Unlocking versatility with MyFBAPrep

“The biggest appealing factor of MyFBAPrep is there’s a lot of flexibility. If something changes in the market, we can work together with the team and address it.” – Jeff Bernatz, Kaspien Strategic Warehouse Director

MyFBAPrep has a wide variety of eCommerce services, and we’re always willing to work with our sellers to meet their specific needs. Our expansive warehouse network gives us access to almost every eCommerce service you can imagine, from cold storage to bubble wrap machines.

This enabled MyFBAPrep to equip Kaspien with the right options to address changes in the eCommerce industry, and react quickly to shifts in the marketplace.

Now, Kaspien can easily pivot to new business models or alter their logistics structure on demand. They can utilize all of our services and warehouse locations, or ignore 99% of them, depending on their needs and business circumstances.

For example, if they have a large shipment of goods coming in that fills an entire warehouse (it’s happened) we can route the overflow to the next closest location. If one of their brand manufacturers can no longer accommodate prep or packaging at the warehouse, they can have MyFBAPrep take on the work instead. Or, if they want to launch a larger DTC presence with one of their Amazon-only brands, MyFBAPrep can continue prepping their inventory, then split the amount we send to FBA to reserve items for DTC sales.

A problem-solving operations partner

I love the team that we work with — I love their flexibility and the way we take on problems. If something happens or Amazon makes a change, it’s never the blame game of who is responsible for it. It’s just ‘lets attack the problem, let’s figure out how we’re going to handle it moving forward, and what’s a better way to go about this long term.” – Jeff Bernatz, Kaspien Strategic Warehouse Director

We work with our sellers, warehouses, and FBA to ensure items reach the FBA network seamlessly and are delivered to DTC customers quickly. But in eCommerce, things inevitably go wrong; items are lost, your marketplace imposes inventory limits, customers complain. No matter what happens, though, the MyFBAPrep team is always ready to problem solve.

If anything comes up, the Kaspien team knows they can rely on MyFBAPrep and our extensive network of warehouses and services to accommodate — helping to ensure uninterrupted sales.

Kaspien’s favorite part about working with MyFBAPrep

“I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the MyFBAPrep team members we work with. They are always up to solve a problem and be flexible to help support our business needs, no matter how ‘outside the box’ our ideas may be.”– Jeff Bernatz, Kaspien Strategic Warehouse Director

Our customers are at the center of everything we do at MyFBAPrep, and we fully invest in each of them. Every seller on our roster has a direct line to our founders and leadership team to ask questions, solve business problems, or just chat about eCommerce in general.

If there’s anything we can do to help our sellers improve their business or make their lives easier, we’re always happy to lend a hand.

Jeff Bernatz says it best: “Their focus is always on partnership. It’s always on how we do better together. It’s never negative, which I really appreciate, because we didn’t always have that experience with prior 3PLs.”

If you’d like to expand your logistics and flexibility with MyFBAPrep, create an account or book a demo with our team.