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How Caveman Foods Found Easy, Cost-Effective Kitting With MyFBAPrep

Caveman Foods provides Paleo-friendly snacks that are delicious, nutritious, and made with natural ingredients. They cut out artificial sweeteners, GMOs, dairy, soy, and gluten. Their guilt-free snacks are either Paleo Certified or Paleo-Friendly Certified, making them excellent for hiking, camping, road trips, or just taking along for when you feel like a healthy treat.

Needless to say, Caveman Foods has boomed in popularity thanks to their wide range of choices and special deals on bundles. With consumers increasingly doing their grocery shopping online, the company’s need for a flexible prep partner quickly turned into a headache for its internal team.

Using bundles to differentiate

For eCommerce sellers, bundling products comes with a myriad of benefits:

  • It allows sellers to suggest complementary items that a consumer wouldn’t have thought to purchase or didn’t realize were available.
  • It offers price shoppers a selection of deals so they come away feeling good about their savings.
  • It gives brands an advantage over their competitors, who may sell similar products, but not the same bundles or offerings.

Selling bundles is a smart strategy for Caveman Foods, as it distinguishes their offerings from others on the market and gives customers more choice. Their variety pack is one of their most popular bundles, which also serves to introduce all of their bar flavors to consumers. This exposes them to flavors they likely would not have bought separately.

Tapping into efficient kitting with MyFBAPrep

“[MyFBAPrep] makes it easy and cost effective.” – Damon Levy, Caveman Foods Senior Director, Digital

Before MyFBAPrep, Caveman Foods kitted ad hoc and, according to Damon, “it was expensive because we weren’t doing it efficiently.” Since their manufacturing process didn’t incorporate kits or bundles, the internal Caveman team was stuck doing it as orders came in, which took away vital time from other core responsibilities.

They turned to MyFBAPrep to handle all of their kitting and bundling for them, successfully outsourcing the work of a few thousand bundles per month. Caveman Foods saves approximately $500 on each kitting order, plus the time it took them to do it originally. They also enjoy MyFBAPrep’s rapid turnaround time for item prep, which ranges from one to three days.

A simplified process

“They are transparent, and they don’t force too much process into the relationship.” – Damon Levy, Caveman Foods Senior Director, Digital

MyFBAPrep exists to make sellers’ lives easier. We want the merchants who partner with us to say, “Thank goodness for MyFBAPrep.” It’s our goal with every contract we sign, and it holds true for Caveman Foods.

We handle everything for the Caveman team, from receiving and preparing products for sale, to shipping them to their desired fulfillment network or carrier. Plus, we provide them a clear picture of their inventory and progress throughout.

Damon recommends MyFBAPrep for any seller who receives inventory from overseas, or needs their items specially prepped before heading to their final destination.