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MyFBAPrep Warehouse Network Spotlight: Warehouse 72

In the cutthroat world of eCommerce, where lightning-fast fulfillment reigns supreme, Warehouse 72 exemplifies efficiency and first-rate service within the MyFBAPrep network. Strategically situated in Gloucester City, New Jersey, this facility offers innovative logistical solutions and is a trusted retailer partner.

Keep reading to discover what makes Warehouse 72 a cut above other storage spaces.

Why New Jersey for eCommerce logistics?

Nestled near the heart of the Northeast Corridor, New Jersey offers unmatched access to some of the nation’s largest consumer markets. Nearby cities like New York and Philadelphia, for instance, are easily accessible.

This golden location means goods travel from point A to point B in no time, which cuts delivery times and saves on shipping costs. That proximity is ideal for any eCommerce business looking to keep customers happy with speedy service.

Access to major ports

The Port of New York and New Jersey is the heavyweight champion of the East Coast, playing a crucial role in international trade. This and other access points in the region facilitate seamless import and export operations.

For Warehouse 72, being this close to key maritime infrastructure translates to smoother operations, quicker handling of goods, and more cost-effective solutions from start to finish.

Operational efficiencies

Besides the close proximity to ports and cities, Warehouse 72’s advantageous positioning enables it to leverage those locations for operational excellence. The immediate benefit is a significant reduction in lead times. Faster turnaround from port to warehouse to customer means merchants can keep inventory moving and reduce holding costs.

The logistical networks in and around New Jersey are some of the most developed in the country, offering a variety of options for freight that include road, rail, and air. Warehouse 72 taps into this infrastructure to provide flexible and efficient fulfillment solutions tailored to each merchant’s needs.

Cost savings

Shortening the distance goods travel from port to warehouse and from warehouse to customer significantly lowers overall logistical costs. Those savings can then be passed on to merchants through competitive pricing, making it easier to compete in a crowded marketplace.

A closer look at Warehouse 72

Warehouse 72 stands out in the MyFBAPrep network for its vast operational space and nuanced approach to logistics and fulfillment that caters to a wide range of merchant needs.

Comprehensive facilities and services

Warehouse 72 is able to provide top-notch service thanks to:

  • Expansive operational space: Its 40,000 square feet of space is meticulously organized to handle various products and fulfillment operations. Beyond volume, the warehouse focuses on versatility by allowing for the segregation of products based on their specific storage and handling requirements.
  • Advanced security and safety measures: Warehouse 72 employs state-of-the-art security systems alongside a fully gated perimeter to ensure the safety and quality of all goods in its facility.
  • Specialized environmental controls: The facility goes beyond basic storage by offering specialized temperature and climate control areas designed to maintain optimal conditions for various goods. From delicate electronics that require a cool, dry environment to perishable items in need of refrigeration, Warehouse 72 can accommodate almost any prerequisite.

Specialized handling for diverse needs

Thanks to its prime spot right by Gloucester City Port, Warehouse 72 is perfectly situated to manage imports from all corners of the globe. That advantage is augmented by the warehouse’s specialty in managing:

  • A wide range of products: Whether it’s fast travel for fresh produce to ensure freshness or hazardous materials that require strict adherence to safety protocols, Warehouse 72 has the expertise and facilities to manage, store, and dispatch goods with precision and care.
  • Sensitive and high-value items: The facility’s design and operational protocols are tailored to handle sensitive and high-value items, ensuring they’re stored securely and given the extra care they require.

Flexible fulfillment for every merchant

Warehouse 72 understands one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to fulfillment. That’s why they offer:

  • Tailored B2B and B2C fulfillment strategies: Recognizing the unique demands of B2B versus B2C fulfillment, Warehouse 72 provides customized strategies for each type so, whether you’re shipping pallets to a retailer or parcels directly to consumers, they meet your needs precisely.
  • Customized fee schedules and transportation modes: Warehouse 72 also offers differentiated fee schedules based on the specific services merchants utilize, alongside various transportation modes to best suit each project’s requirements.

A case study in efficiency: Prepping 5,000 hazmat items for FBA

Imagine facing the daunting task of prepping 5,000 high-value, hazmat-classified fragrances for Amazon FBA. That’s exactly what landed on Warehouse 72’s plate, courtesy of a MyFBAPrep customer. But, rather than crumbling under the pressure, the team at Warehouse 72 rolled up their sleeves and proved themselves worthy of their stellar reputation.

This wasn’t a simple request to move goods from point A to point B; it involved meticulous handling, precise packing, and navigating a maze of safety regulations. Yet, the operational team at Warehouse 72 demonstrated the facility’s expertise in handling these specialized tasks:

  • Preparation: Each fragrance unit was first bubble wrapped for protection, then inserted into poly bags for an extra shield to ensure they were snug and secure.
  • Labeling and repacking: Once secured, each unit received a clear and detailed label that met Amazon’s stringent FBA requirements. This step was critical to ensure smooth sailing once the products hit Amazon’s warehouse shelves. Finally, the team neatly packed the items into master cartons, primed for shipping.
  • FBA prep area: Warehouse 72 boasts a dedicated FBA prep area equipped with tools and specially trained staff to handle intricate requests. Here, efficiency and knowledge come together to streamline the prep process and meet Amazon’s high standards.

Execution and delivery

Warehouse 72 didn’t stop once the products were prepped and packed though. They then compiled a detailed order manifest that outlined quantities, box counts, and weights. Transparency was key to give the customer a crystal-clear view of their inventory’s journey.

The final push was to ship the fragrance to Amazon. This step was a breeze thanks to Warehouse 72’s strategic location near major transport hubs, which contributed to an impressive turnaround time: It took a single day for the team to prep, package, and dispatch 5,000 units of high-value, hazmat goods.

Not only was this a win for Warehouse 72 but it also showcased the MyFBAPrep network’s ability to tackle tough challenges and deliver exceptional results that keep merchants coming back for more.

For sellers: Work with Warehouse 72 and the expansive MyFBAPrep warehouse network

If you’re an eCommerce merchant looking to improve your FBA prep processes, sell better on various marketplaces, optimize your DTC fulfillment, or stop worrying about reverse logistics, reach out to MyFBAPrep today.

For warehouses: Join MyFBAPrep’s warehouse network

If you’re a warehouse looking to join the MyFBAPrep warehouse network, the process is straightforward, consisting of only three steps:

  1. Apply: The journey begins when you submit an application form highlighting your warehouse’s strengths and capabilities. This is your chance to showcase what makes your facility unique and how it can add value to the MyFBAPrep network.
  2. Find a match: MyFBAPrep meticulously reviews each application with an eye for creating the optimal pairing between warehouses and merchants. This careful selection process ensures every partnership is poised for success, with complementary strengths and capabilities.
  3. Receive proposal: Upon identifying a promising match, MyFBAPrep extends a formal proposal outlining the terms, conditions, and expectations of the partnership. This crucial document sets the foundation for a productive and successful collaboration.

Requirements for joining

MyFBAPrep maintains high standards to ensure quality and efficiency across their network. Prospective warehouse partners are expected to meet certain prerequisites:

  • Your facility should have at least 5,000 square feet of available space to ensure you have the capacity to handle a significant volume of goods.
  • The ability to offer quick turnaround times (i.e., 24 to 72 hours) is crucial for meeting the fast-paced demands of the eCommerce sector.
  • A minimum capacity to prep and handle at least 10,000 units per month is required to sustain the flow of goods through the network.

The benefits of a partnership

Warehouse 72’s decision to join the MyFBAPrep network has unlocked a wealth of advantages:

  • Steady business and reliable revenue: The diverse merchant base within the network ensures a consistent flow of business and provides stable and reliable revenue streams.
  • Less direct marketing required: MyFBAPrep directly connects warehouses with merchants, which significantly reduces the need to invest in marketing efforts to attract new business.
  • Streamlined financial operations: With MyFBAPrep acting as the single payee, managing finances becomes less complex and billing and payment processes are simplified, making your financial operations more efficient.

By meeting the network’s standards and embracing partnership benefits, warehouses can achieve greater success and efficiency just like Warehouse 72, which positions themselves as key players in the eCommerce logistics field.

Wrapping up — A network that scales with you

Warehouse 72 is a prime example of the benefits of partnering with a robust fulfillment solution. More than a logistics provider, MyFBAPrep is a growth partner that scales alongside your business. Their network connects you with a supportive community that streamlines your operations and empower you to thrive. Contact us today to get started.

Our thanks to Max Levin from Snapl for making this warehouse feature possible!