How It Works


Fulfillment looks and feels complicated, but Preptopia™ makes it easy. You focus on marketing and selling your products – we’ll handle the rest.

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    STEP 1

    Receive & Inspect

    Your items are inventoried and inspected upon arrival. You’ll be notified when we receive them and informed of any damages that may have occurred during shipping. Check your Preptopia™ FBA Prep Tracker for regular updates.

    Receive & Inspect
    STEP 2


    The more time your product spends in prep, the more revenue you lose. That’s why we begin the FBA prep process as your products get to one of our warehouses. Using Amazon’s detailed requirements, each item is placed in a polybag and individually labeled. Meanwhile, your shipping plan is created and readied for the next step in our process

    STEP 3

    Create Shipping Plan

    Now that it’s ready for an Amazon Fulfillment Center, your inventory is updated in Seller Central and shipping labels are created. Your order will be on it’s way to Amazon in no time. Check Pretopia™ FBA Prep Tracker to follow the progress.

    Create Shipping Plan
    STEP 4

    Ship to Amazon

    Your order is on it’s way to a dedicated Amazon Fulfillment Center of your choosing. You’ll be notified when your order has left our warehouse and is closed out in our system. Congratulations! You just went through the FBA Prep Process without lifting a finger!

    Ship to Amazon

    Why MyFBAPrep?

    • No Contracts Transparent Pricing

      No Contracts Transparent Pricing

    • Preptopia™ FBA Prep Tracker Technology

      Preptopia™ FBA Prep Tracker Technology

    • Nationwide Network for Scale & Redundancy

      Nationwide Network for Scale & Redundancy

    • 24-48 Hour Turnaround Times

      24-48 Hour Turnaround Times

    • White Glove Customer Service

      White Glove Customer Service

    * Flat-fee does not apply to bundles, fragile items, products heavier than 5 lbs or longer than 18” on their longest side.