How to Start Selling Books on Amazon?

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You may have considered selling books on Amazon. Interestingly, Amazon accounts for about half of all books sold in the United States. Building an Amazon business focused on bookselling is more popular than ever, as more than 80 percent of Amazon sellers have reported being profitable. Around the same percentage of Amazon shoppers have also expressed that they are happy with Amazon and its customer service. So the question remains, how to start selling books on Amazon?

If you consider this as a side-hustle, take note of several factors required to become successful.

1) Allocate not just books and money as capital but time as well.

The focus you are willing to give is a cost to sell books on Amazon. Some tips and secrets in selling books on Amazon may be cliche, but certain conventions can help you in the long run. Remember that time and effort are required to be successful.

2) Identify books to sell

Take note that you must figure out what books you will sell once you decide to sell books online. Selling used books on Amazon is one of the safest ways to start your online side-hustle. If you choose to resell your old books, it is less risky than your other options.

Start looking for those pre-owned books in mint condition. Another option is the books you have at home that have been gathering dust can find their way to a new home that can appreciate it more. Putting self-published books on Amazon is another option that you can choose to either put your books out there or to get the ball rolling. Or if you prefer to sell brand new books, there is that too.

3) Determine how to go about the shipping of books

Eventually, if you already have an inventory, selling books on Amazon requires you to prepare for your goods’ logistics and future shipment.

It is advisable to start small. At the onset, use Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). This means that since your inventory is not yet as huge as other merchants, you can conduct the ordered books’ packing and shipping. However, even if you start small, prepare for the future.

FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is the preferred method when you are an established merchant or bookseller already. Since packing and shipping are time-consuming and stressful, it is not something to be taken lightly.

4) Choose your Seller Account

To understand more how to start selling books on Amazon, create your seller account. If you are selling used books on Amazon, it is preferable to sign-up for an individual seller account. There is no monthly fee except for a few charges per item sold or other selling fees. However, you can only sell 35 books monthly.

A professional selling account costs around $40 per month, along with extra selling fees. When selling books online, sign-up for the professional account if you have new books or plan to sell more than 35 books per month.

5) Build your inventory, monitor, and sell

Monitor and update your inventory and stocks regularly. Calculate shipping costs and ensure that you are making profits. Reinvest your earnings into more inventory and continue to scale up. Keep selling and start earning more and more!


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