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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon A+ Content

This is a guest post by Ritika Jain. With over 13 years of dedicated experience, Ritika is a driven entrepreneur of MMF Infotech Technologies and a seasoned digital marketing expert. Specializing in eCommerce, she lends her expertise to guide brands through platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Ritika’s skill set encompasses critical areas like business strategy, leadership, and the implementation of innovative digital solutions. Her visionary goal is to lead within the digital marketing industry, and she has a track record of helping clients generate over $2 billion through online marketplaces.

To succeed on Amazon, you need to stand out from the crowd of sellers vying for shoppers’ attention. When the competition steps up, using extra tools and features on Amazon can greatly improve your product listings and increase sales. You can unleash your creativity and make your product descriptions on the marketplace a hit by embracing Amazon A+ Content, and this article will walk you through how to make the most of this powerful asset.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content, Amazon A+ Content is a free tool for brand owners on Amazon that helps them create more engaging and informative product descriptions through the use of elements like lifestyle images and graphics.

Integrating A+ Content provides a rich opportunity to boost shopper engagement and persuade them to buy. Unlike standard listings, where sellers are restricted to a text-based product description of 2,000 characters without images or graphics, A+ Content enables sellers to showcase their products’ unique selling points (USPs), brand narrative, features, and benefits in an engaging manner.

A track record of success

Research from Headstream revealed that, when people like a brand’s story, around 55% of them are more likely to buy from them in the future. Additionally, 44% of them will share the story, and 15% may buy the product right away. Applying A+ Content lets you take advantage of those numbers.

In fact, Amazon found that products with A+ Content receive 7%–10% more views on average than those without, resulting in a significant boost in visibility and customer engagement. Further, using A+ Content can boost your product’s conversion rate by 5.6%. For example, if your usual listing convinces 100 out of 1,000 visitors to buy, switching to A+ Content can make it 5.6%, which means about 50 to 60 more people out of every 1,000 visitors will commit to making a purchase.

Big names like Sony, an electronics seller on Amazon since 2002, have seen great results after embracing A+ Content. Sony’s marketing manager values the advantages of premium A+ Content for engaging customers and sharing product details effectively. She deems it essential for Sony, as it improves ratings, cuts returns, and promotes cross-sales.

The benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Creating Amazon A+ Content provides sellers with several advantages, from improved product presentation to additional shopper education.

Improve product presentation

A+ Content allows you to present your products in a visually appealing and informative manner, which helps capture the attention of potential customers. It also strengthens your brand storytelling so your name will stick in shoppers’ minds for longer.

Cultivate customer trust

By incorporating visually appealing elements, A+ Content significantly boosts customer engagement. Interactive features like comparison charts and lifestyle images explain the product usage well and captivate the interest of potential buyers, which encourages them to spend more time on your product page.

Increase conversion rates

The amalgamation of improved visuals, comprehensive information, and a captivating brand narrative plays a pivotal role in driving higher conversion rates. When customers gain a clearer understanding of both your product and brand, the likelihood of making a purchase decision increases.

Secure a competitive advantage

Amid a saturated market, differentiation is crucial. A+ Content empowers you to distinguish your product by crafting a distinctive and personalized presentation. Effectively showcasing unique features and benefits creates a lasting and memorable impression.

Reduce returns and negative reviews

Detailed product information helps consumers make informed purchase decisions, which, in turn, reduces returns and negative reviews; they have a clear idea of what they’re buying, so they’re less likely to be dissatisfied or feel tricked due to a misleading product description.

More buyer education

Amazon A+ Content gives shoppers and those who’ve already purchased your product an additional, highly visible way to learn more about the item. These are excellent sections to include visual instructions on how best to use your product, provide new ideas and ways they can gain value from the item, and more.

How to create enticing Amazon A+ Content

To realize A+ Content’s full potential and boost your Amazon product descriptions, follow these steps:

  • Check eligibility: Before delving into A+ Content creation, it’s imperative to confirm your eligibility for this feature. A+ Content is accessible to registered Amazon sellers, vendors, and those enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program.
  • Access A+ Content Manager: After you’ve confirmed your eligibility, navigate to the A+ Content Manager within your seller or vendor account. This serves as the central hub for creating, editing, and managing A+ Content. Start building the basic EBC. If you have premium access, you can move ahead with the premium one.
  • Strategize your A+ Content: Before jumping into content creation, outline your strategy. Contemplate key selling points, distinctive features, and supplementary information that aids customers in making informed decisions. Develop a narrative that aligns with your brand identity, ensuring coherence across all modules.
  • Opt for a template: Amazon offers a range of pre-designed templates to streamline content creation. Select a template that fits your content strategy and the nature of the product. Templates present varied arrangements of text and image modules catering to diverse content types.
  • Understand A+ Content modules: Strategically structure A+ Content modules to engage customers. Lead with bold hero images, then provide key product details through centralized modules. Focus copy on useful specifics like materials, construction, technologies, dimensions, and care instructions. Insert interactive components like comparisons and FAQ modules for immersion. Limit text-heavy sections and employ visuals like charts and icons to reinforce messaging. Above all, organize modules logically to guide customers on a journey from education to purchase.
  • Ensure mobile optimization: A significant portion of Amazon customers employ mobile devices. Ensure your A+ Content is optimized for mobile use by employing clear, concise text and adapting images for smaller screens.
  • Scrutinize and revise: Before publication, meticulously scrutinize your A+ Content. Check for grammatical accuracy, verify image alignments, and confirm the content abides by Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Submit for approval: Upon completion, submit the content for approval. Amazon reviews A+ Content to verify alignment with their guidelines. Approval typically concludes within a few days.
  • Analyze performance: After you publish your A+ Content, regularly monitor its performance via Amazon Analytics. Track metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall sales impact. Utilize this data to refine your content strategy and continually optimize for superior outcomes.

Unveiling success: How an innovative keyboard brand leveraged A+ Content for top-tier results

A brand that sells in Amazon’s Computer Accessories & Peripherals category found themselves facing stiff competition in the crowded keyboard market in the marketplace. Their high-quality products were often overlooked due to their long text descriptions that included nothing special to attract shoppers.

They needed a way to distinguish their brand and engage potential buyers . As a result, the brand partnered with MMF Infotech and decided to invest in Amazon A+ Content to revamp their Amazon product listing. This collaboration produced optimized product listings that featured the following elements to differentiate the brand from their competitors.

Hero image

They designed product descriptions that emphasized item features and showed them in various applications so customers could envision themselves using the products. Most importantly, MMF Infotech created a lifestyle hero banner that made it easier for would-be buyers to picture how the product would look in real life.

Alt-image keywords

Amazon’s latest directive requires sellers to include keywords in every image of their A+ Content. While Amazon won’t search for these, Google will pick them up. These keywords not only enrich the listing presentation but also assist people with visual impairments when they use screen readers. With this in mind, the team researched high-volume terms and added them into the back end of the A+ Content.

Product specifications

Because it’s an electronic product, the keyboard had a long list of specifications. To cut down on the amount of text, the client highlighted its most appealing features and benefits through various A+ Content modules. In particular, they selected a multimedia layout that showcased their keyboards’ top features, including its ergonomic design, customizable backlighting, and seamless connectivity.

Brand story template

By utilizing A+ Content’s brand story template, the MMF Infotech team empowered the client to share their origins and values authentically so they came across as a genuine brand that people can trust. This storytelling allowed the client to build awareness, trust, and loyalty in their customers by displaying their unique identity. In turn, that helped establish a loyal consumer base and encouraged repeat business.

Textual representation

MMF Infotech facilitated the easy consumption of the client’s content through concise, readable language and by avoiding dense paragraphs. They employed graphics and headers to summarize key features so shoppers could quickly scan for vital product details. This scannable, straightforward approach helped customers quickly find what mattered most to them.

Module selection

The team strategically spread the content across the seven available A+ Content modules to ensure a broad coverage of the subject matter without unnecessary repetition in each module.

Performance analysis

After launching the A+ Content for this client, the MMF Infotech team closely monitored its performance. They observed that customers spent more time on their product pages, and conversion rates began to climb. To improve further, they made minor adjustments based on customer feedback.

Comparison charts

MMF Infotech also exhibited the most appealing product features and benefits near the top of the page. For products with extensive technical details, the team leveraged the comparison chart module to showcase specifications. This allowed side-by-side comparisons with similar models, creating opportunities to upsell high-end versions or bundle multiple items.

The results

Following these strategies, the seller revamped their product listings with Amazon A+ Content, which improved customer engagement and made their keyboards attractive in the marketplace. They enjoyed significant growth in major success metrics like:

  • $52,2973.18 in total sales growth
  • $2,7165.11 in total spend
  • $39,559.32 in bestselling ASIN sales
  • 19.25% return on ad spend (ROAS)

In comparison to their 2020-2021 numbers, their 2021-2022 saw:

  • 119.86% sale growth (YoY)
  • 122.3% ROAS growth (YoY)
  • 147.57% product growth (YoY)
  • 114.78% impression growth (quarterly)

If you want to achieve similar results but are unsure how to best utilize A+ Content (or simply don’t have the time), consider reaching out to MMF Infotech. They can craft a tailored solution to give your Amazon listings a boost and entice more shoppers to your store.

Boost your sales with top-notch A+ Content templates

You can achieve success with A+ Content too! To help you get started, here are some of the best content templates you can adapt to increase your sales:

Basic modules

1. Standard company logo

This clean and professional template is perfect for making a strong first impression with your Amazon A+ Content. The blurred background puts the focus on the brand’s recognizable logo, immediately establishing product authenticity and trustworthiness. Starting off this way is sure to capture customer attention while reinforcing your brand identity. Moreover, the versatile layout works for brands across all Amazon product categories.

2. Standard image header with text

This design is well balanced so customers can quickly understand why your products are special without reading lots of text. Icons are used to highlight important details in a few words and give a brief overview of key features and benefits. The clean and modern style also spotlights great product photos.

3. Standard single left image

This template boasts an elegant design that emphasizes a captivating 3D image of the product. Positioned strategically, the image is accompanied by a precise and clear title and description on the right side for a visually appealing presentation. The layout not only captures the attention of potential buyers but also guides their focus seamlessly between the striking image and the compelling product details.

4. Standard single image & sidebar

This unique module allows up to 500 characters of text in the center column. It incorporates a small image positioned to the right and offers a versatile layout that balances informative content with visual elements. The design provides an engaging and concise presentation, making it an effective choice for conveying information alongside a complementary image.

5. Standard image

With a single striking image on display, this module’s simple design easily directs viewers’ focus, making it great for showcasing impactful visuals. Whether it’s a product, artwork, or anything eye-catching, its format keeps elements clean and straightforward so the image can take center stage without any distractions.

6. Standard three images & text

In this module, you can pair each of the three images with up to 160 characters for headlines and up to 1,000 characters for detailed text. This layout is designed to showcase products or services by offering a dynamic and informative presentation. The combination of concise headlines and ample space for detailed descriptions makes this a versatile module for conveying information about each featured image.

7. Standard comparison chart

The Standard Comparison Chart stands out as a top-tier module because it serves as a powerful tool to link up to six distinct ASINs (Amazon standard identification numbers). This module enables sellers to create a comprehensive table that facilitates a side-by-side comparison of the linked products. Additionally, its feature-rich design is particularly valuable for highlighting the unique attributes, specifications, and advantages of each product, providing potential buyers with a detailed and easily digestible comparison.

Premium modules

1. Video modules

Enhance your content strategy with dynamic video modules, which elevate audience engagement through captivating visuals. These modules provide a seamless and immersive way to convey information, making your content more memorable and impactful. Whether presenting product features or brand stories, incorporating videos produces an interactive experience that captures and retains viewer attention effectively.

2. Premium comparison table

This module presents key features and details in a concise format so users can easily compare and assess options. With a focus on clarity and efficiency, the Premium Comparison Table enhances the decision-making process, making it straightforward for users to weigh the benefits of different choices and arrive at well-informed conclusions.

3. Navigation carousels

A dynamic feature that provides a seamless and interactive content navigation experience, users can effortlessly explore content in this module by swiping or clicking through a visually appealing carousel. The engaging and intuitive design not only enhances usability but also adds a touch of interactivity, which results in a more enjoyable user journey. Navigation carousels are an effective tool for presenting information in a visually compelling manner while ensuring a user-friendly and captivating browsing experience.

4. Q&A modules

This feature both encourages users to participate by posing queries and ensures a comprehensive and accessible repository of answers. By fostering a collaborative environment, Q&A modules enhance user interaction, making it easy for individuals to seek and find relevant information. This dynamic tool is instrumental in creating a user-friendly and informative space within your platform.

Wrapping up — Supercharge your product listings with Amazon A+ Content

A+ Content is a powerful tool for Amazon sellers, enabling them to elevate their offerings to a premium status within the marketplace. It lets them showcase their products’ distinctive features through high-quality imagery and the incorporation of relevant keywords. Those elements instill trust and confidence in potential buyers and, in turn, lead to increased sales. Give your listings a leg up by capitalizing on A+ Content and watch your Amazon traffic grow.  If you represent a brand seeking to broaden its online presence and optimize sales performance, we invite you to book a free discovery call with our experts, who will inform you about our 360-degree account management services. Our adept and innovative digital marketing team is poised to revolutionize the presentation of your listings and products online.