Claim Money Amazon Owes You with FBA Reimbursements

Why does Amazon owe 99% of sellers money?

Lost & damaged inventory:

  • Destroyed items without approval
  • Items are lost or damaged
  • Item is not defective and has not been damaged by a customer
  • Item is not due for disposal and has not been disposed of at your request

Lost inbound shipments:

  • Insufficient reimbursement value
  • Chargeback issued without refund
  • Failure to return items to inventory

Why choose us?

Easy, quick and convenient

We summarize all details with easy steps, a quick reimbursement claim form and we’ll provide full details of why Amazon owes you money.

Affordable (no upfront costs)

We will ensure that you’ll receive any monies owed from Amazon. No upfront fees. We only charge a 25% commission fee after you have been reimbursed 
by Amazon.


Your dedicated Case Manager will take care of the entire reimbursement process, so you don’t have to. We do all the work for you!

Get all the help you need

Our dedicated case manager is here to help you navigate the claim process efficiently.


Learn about my account

Why should I use MyFBAPrep for reimbursements?
The FBA application takes away the massive hassle of going through all of the reports and hoops needed for you to file a reimbursement case to Amazon.
How does it work?
• We ask for access to your seller central account
• We analyze the data in the four reports you give us access to
• We find all the potential cases that we can submit
• Refunds will be processed 3-5 after we file a case with Amazon support
What information will I need to get started?
You must be an Amazon Pro Seller in order to use our reimbursements service. We’ll need you to authorize us with Amazon MWS API credentials to import all of your store front data and add the case manager as a SellerCentral User.
Is my information secure?
Yes, we use Amazon’s infrastructure (AWS) advanced encryption to store your informaton.
What is your fee?
We charge a 25% commission on all successful reimbursements, including inventory reimbursements. To value a unit of inventory, we use the amount per unit value Amazon assigns.
How do I pay?
We accept all major debit and credit cards. Your payment information is encrypted via our integration with Stripe.
Can I cancel the service at anytime? How do I cancel my service?
Yes, there are no long-term contracts. Simply email us at
What happens to my data when I cancel?
After filing the service cancellation, we’ll halt the reimbursement service immediately and delete all your data.

Support center

How can I track my reimbursements?
The Statement View in your Payments Report shows you when and how much you will be paid. Other Transactions shows all FBA Inventory Reimbursements. It can take up to 5 business days for your money to appear in your bank account after we initiate payment.
What reimbursement cases do you cover?
• Amazon lost inventory in the warehouse. At least 30 days have passed, but not more than 18 months.
• Amazon damaged inventory in the warehouse. At least 30 days have passed, but not more than 18 months.
• Amazon claims to have reimbursed a return, but you never received a reimbursement.
• Amazon incorrectly received or miscounted items from inbound shipments within the past nine months.
• Amazon claims they placed an item in your inventory, but you never received it.
• Amazon issued a refund, but the customer never returned the item, and it has been 45 days.
How does the Redemption Service work?
After your sign-up, we’ll import your store-front data through Amazon MWS API, which takes 24 – 48 hrs depending on the size of your data. After importing and processing your data, we’ll start to report cases to Amazon Support.
Do you automate claim submissions?
No. In accordance with Amazon’s Terms of Service, we do not automate any claim submissions. Your case manager reviews each potential claim and manually submits quality claims with accurate data.

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