The Smartest Amazon Seller Podcast features MyFBAPrep Co-Founder Taylor Smits

two men packing boxes onto a truck

Our very own Taylor Smits was featured on The Smartest Amazon Seller podcast in Episode 106: FBA Scales. Getting inventory into FBA doesn’t. Best solutions with Taylor Smits. Listen to the recording below.

MyFBAPrep started with an Amazon-seller focus, with a custom software built specifically for FBA prep. In addition to FBA services, MyFBAPrep also handles DTC fulfillment, subscription box fulfillment, bundling and kitting for different marketplaces, and other eCommerce services. The ability to handle all of these things with one location has helped multiple merchants streamline their businesses.

Getting products into Amazon isn’t always easy

There are countless ways to mess up your FBA prep process. There are two sides sellers need to tackle here — finding someone with Amazon FBA experience who understands how prep work needs to happen, and using the technology that keeps everything clean.

Our co-founder walks listeners through common pitfalls of FBA prep, how prep outsourcing will evolve in the future, and how to make the entire process easier for sellers.