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How To Run DTC Ads for Maximum Results

In eCommerce, the competition is as intense as it is diverse, making it imperative to differentiate your brand to capture your target segment’s attention. Advertisers are shifting from broad, mass-market tactics to direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies. This approach focuses on establishing an open line of communication and delivering personalized experiences to customers.

Under these circumstances, the success (if not survival) of your business greatly depends on the efficacy of your DTC ads. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to improve your current efforts, your brand can realize noticeable gains through the following 11 steps for maximizing DTC ad power.

1. Identify a hero product

A “hero product” refers to a company’s most popular or best-selling product. It’s a standout item in a brand’s product line that often becomes synonymous with the brand itself. For example, the iPhone is a hero product for Apple, and the Big Mac is a hero product for McDonald’s.

A hero product typically defines a brand’s identity and often attracts consumers to that brand. The performance of a hero product can heavily influence your company’s success. So, it is crucial to carefully identify and manage your key product.

Delayed deliveries can lead to a poor customer experience, negatively impacting your brand’s reputation. When determining a hero product, you must also ensure that you can consistently deliver this product to your customers. MyFBAPrep can help by ensuring your chosen product is always in stock and ready for shipment, no matter how much your demand spikes.

The stronger your supply chain, the more effectively you can deliver your hero product and the better you can meet your customers’ expectations.

Social proof

Shoppers trust other shoppers, and a product with positive reviews and testimonials is more attractive and likely to convert potential buyers. Your hero product should have plenty of social proof to leverage in your ad campaigns.

Profit margins

Financial feasibility is a crucial factor in any business endeavor. Choose a product that offers the best profit margins for your brand. Higher profit margins provide more leeway in your advertising spend so you can be more aggressive in your marketing efforts without risking financial stability.

2. Define your customer avatar

A one-size-fits-all approach is rarely effective in marketing. You must define a clear customer avatar to create a campaign that resonates with your audience. This is the idealized representation of your target customer.

Who is the one person who really needs your product? Crafting a detailed customer avatar can significantly enhance the relevance and effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Research exact language

Understanding your audience requires more than a basic definition — it involves delving deeper into their lives, likes and dislikes, problems, and dreams. Invest time and effort into researching your target audience’s exact language to help you craft more persuasive and relatable ad copy.

One method is to look at the search terms your audience uses when they’re seeking out products, services, or information related to what your business offers. Keyword research in digital marketing can provide significant insights into your audience’s thought processes, needs, and desires.

For example, if you’re selling natural skincare products and find that your target audience frequently searches for “best organic skincare for acne,” this suggests a specific problem they’re looking to solve.

Understanding exact language isn’t limited to identifying the right keywords. It’s also about recognizing the nuances in the way your audience communicates, their tone, and their sentiment. Do they use formal or informal language? Are they more straightforward, or do they appreciate a humorous tone? All of these nuances are part of their “language.”

By incorporating this exact language into your ad copy, you signal to potential customers that you understand their issue and have the solution they need. When you do this effectively, you’re able to speak their language, which can make your advertising much more impactful.

Identify pain points

Every product is a solution to a problem. The better you understand the problem, the more effectively you can position your product as the solution.

Learn your audience’s pain points and challenges to construct a narrative that establishes your product as the answer to their issues and thus significantly increases the effectiveness of your ad.

3. Craft a compelling offer

Although a killer offer is crucial to attract customers, it shouldn’t compromise the financial health of your business. Craft a deal that entices shoppers and aligns with your unit economics. It should be profitable to you while providing value to the buyer.

Make it go viral

In the age of social media, virality is a powerful marketing tool. Your offer should be so unique and appealing that people can’t help but share it on their social channels. This generates organic reach, saving advertising dollars and boosting your campaign’s performance.

Bundle products to drive average order value (AOV)

Bundling complementary products is an effective strategy to increase the perceived value of your offer and drive up your AOV. It also allows you to introduce your customers to other products in your portfolio that they might have overlooked.

4. Build a custom landing page

A well-designed landing page can secure more impressive results from your ad campaign. It provides a focused platform where you can communicate the benefits of your product, showcase social proof, and guide your audience to the desired action.

Build a landing page dedicated to your hero product, where you can control the narrative and steer your visitors toward conversion.

Apply avatar research to your copy, content, and stories

The information you gathered while creating your customer avatar should guide your copywriting and content creation as well. Your copy should reflect the language, tone, pain points, and aspirations that ground your avatar. Personal stories, customer testimonials, and case studies contribute to a higher-converting landing page.

Make it fast and mobile-friendly

Attention spans are decreasing while mobile usage is increasing, so having a fast-loading, mobile-optimized landing page is now mandatory.

Pages that load slowly correlate to higher bounce rates, and a landing page that isn’t mobile-friendly can significantly impair the user experience and decrease conversions.

5. Write video scripts and find creators

A compelling video script necessitates a careful balance between creativity and strategy. To maximize the potential of your ad, write scripts with multiple angles and hooks. The hooks should primarily focus on addressing your audience’s pain points.

Producing various scripts allows you to test different messages and see what resonates most with your audience.

Write a story from your customer’s point of view

Storytelling is a powerful tool in marketing. People connect with stories, and a well-told one can drive engagement and elicit emotional responses.

In your video, tell a story your audience can relate to. Use your avatar’s language and tone to make your narrative more relatable and compelling.

Find creators who represent your ideal customer

Influencer marketing can greatly expand the credibility and reach of your ad. When selecting creators to partner with, look for those who embody your ideal customer. Their endorsement not only extends the reach of your ad but also strengthens its credibility and relatability.

6. Film and produce your video

The speed of social media makes brevity critical. With attention spans shortening, you have only a few seconds to capture your viewers’ interest. Aim to create a 30-second video that grabs attention immediately and delivers your message succinctly.

Demonstrate your product

Seeing is believing, and watching your product in action can exponentially increase its appeal. Ensure your creator demonstrates how the item functions during the video. This allows potential customers to visualize themselves using the product, which boosts its desirability.

Ensure seamless transitions

A video that flows smoothly better maintains viewer engagement and improves retention. Ensure the transitions between scenes in your video are smooth and contribute to a coherent narrative.

A seamless fulfillment process lands your product at creators’ doorsteps swiftly so they can spread the good word to their followers. MyFBAPrep can help manage this process, ensuring your items reach influencers on time and in perfect condition.

7. Gain client approval

Your brand image is people’s perception of your company, and how they view you significantly influences their purchasing decisions. As such, all creators involved in your ad campaign must align with this image. They should embody your brand’s values and lifestyle to provide your audience with a consistent and authentic experience.

Keep your content consistent with your brand story

Every campaign element should follow and contribute to your brand story, from the ad script to the landing page.

Consistency strengthens your brand identity and helps build trust with your audience. It reinforces the same message and values in every interaction your audience has with your brand, whether watching your ad or visiting your landing page.

Embrace and implement the client’s feedback

Consumer feedback is a treasure trove of insights that can improve your ad campaign.

Customers are the most important users of your product, so their feedback can help you identify any shortcomings in your ad and take corrective measures. Incorporating consumer opinions into your ad will enhance its relevance and effectiveness.

8. Launch on Facebook

Start with a test run before you go all-in on your ad campaign. This allows you to gauge the initial response to your ad, identify what’s working and what’s not, and gather valuable data that you can use to optimize your campaign.

Build social proof

Social proof, such as likes, comments, and shares, can expand the credibility and reach of your ad across platforms.

Launch an engagement campaign to encourage your audience to interact with your ad. This broadens its visibility and uncovers your audience’s perception of and responses to your ad.

Include customers in testing

Bring your existing customers into your test campaign. They’re already familiar with your brand and so are more likely to engage with your ad, providing valuable feedback while building social proof faster.

9. Analyze campaign performance

After launching your ad, monitor its performance and analyze key metrics, including:

  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Return on ad pend (ROAS)
  • Hook ratio (the percentage of people who watch past the first few seconds of your video)
  • Retention (the percentage of people who watch your video until the end)
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Cost per click (CPC)

These metrics reveal valuable insights into the effectiveness of your ad and guide your optimization efforts.

Identify the cause of any problems

If your ad fails to perform as expected, it’s imperative to pinpoint the root cause.

If the problem lies in the creative elements of your ad, such as the video, script, or offer, you can easily remedy it by fine-tuning the identified shortcomings. If the issue is with the customer journey, such as a complicated checkout process or a slow-loading landing page, that requires more complex solutions.

A high CPC and CVR indicate a problem with your ad’s creative elements, while a low CPC and CVR could signify an issue with the customer journey, so track and review your metrics closely.

10. Optimize

Based on the data and insights gathered from your analysis, test more creative elements that have shown potential to perform well, such as different video angles, hooks, or offers. This continuous testing and optimization process will help you fine-tune your ad for maximum results.

Test more offers or upsells to increase AOV

Consider testing various offers or introducing upsells to increase your AOV.  Upselling encourages customers to buy a more expensive version of the product or add on extra features or services. That added value improves both your AOV and the customer experience.

Identify customer journey drop-offs

Hone in on any points in your customer journey where potential customers might drop off and fix those issues. That could involve simplifying the checkout process, making your website more navigable, or ensuring your landing page loads quickly. Reducing these friction points smooths the customer experience and boosts conversion rates.

A common drop-off point in the customer journey occurs during product delivery. Customers expect fast, reliable delivery, and any problems here can significantly diminish customer satisfaction.

MyFBAPrep’s robust and efficient fulfillment process can prevent consumer drop-offs and ensure a seamless customer journey, from ad click to product delivery.

11. Scale

Once you’ve tested and identified the best-performing elements of your campaign, it’s time to scale them. Implement the winning elements into a larger campaign to reach a wider audience.

Be aware, though, what works on a small scale doesn’t always translate to a large undertaking, so continue to monitor your performance and be prepared to make adjustments as necessary.

Leverage the data you’ve collected

The data you gather should inform your next round of content creation. Incorporate the insights gained from your testing to write scripts that’ll resonate with your audience and produce videos that clearly showcase your product and your offer.

Test weekly

Launch new tests every week to ensure your ad campaign continues to perform well and your ad spend is correctly allocated. Regular testing allows you to keep up with changes in customer preferences and market trends, ensuring your campaign remains relevant and effective.

Wrapping up — Maximize the results of your DTC ads

Running DTC ad campaigns that convert is an ongoing process that requires constant testing, analysis, and optimization. Focus on understanding your audience, crafting compelling offers, creating engaging content, and delivering a seamless customer journey. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can maximize the results of your DTC ads and transform your brand into a ruthlessly efficient acquisition machine.

MyFBAPrep greatly assists DTC advertising efforts by guaranteeing the inventory and logistical side of your business runs smoothly so you can focus on creating and optimizing your ads. We ensure your customers always receive orders on time, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty. That, in turn, boosts the effectiveness of your DTC ads and contributes to the overall success of your brand.

Check out our suite of services and learn how our support can smooth the way forward for your DTC operations.