Amazon Aggregator 3PL Services

An aggregator fulfillment network that scales with your brands

Add private label businesses while reducing supply chain complexity

Acquire New Brands

Add private label brands to your portfolio without having to worry about the complexity of the 3PL relationships that come with them.

One Unified Network

Consolidate your warehouse network and sunset your legacy 3PL relationships by using MyFBAPrep.

Centralized Strategic Hubs

We can send your inventory to strategically placed warehouses in our network. You pick the locations. We handle the rest.

One contact for multiple fulfillment networks

Tired of managing 30 3PLs across all your brands? Consolidate it all to one point of contact, one transparent invoice, and one international fulfillment network.

Extensive services to accommodate any business model

Gain flexibility when you use MyFBAPrep. Tap into services that can support any business model, so you’re free to bring on brands you like no matter how complex their operations are.

Streamline your operations

The brands you acquire may come with legacy 3PL relationships. Consolidate all operational congestion and reduce your overhead with MyFBAPrep. We specialize in Amazon seller logistics with deep expertise and a wide range of services.

Why MyFBAPrep?




Sq. ft of Operating Space

24h - 72h

Prep Turnaround

1 - 2 Day

Delivery Across the US

Locations across







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Coming soon

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