Tom Wicky

Tom is an entrepreneur, startup advisor, and management consultant with over 20 years of senior management experience. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of MyFBAPrep, the largest worldwide 3PL ecommerce warehouse network. He managed the digital assets of local media companies across Europe as part of a $2 billion private equity investment led by Macquarie Bank. At the beginning of the Amazon FBA Marketplace, Tom built a data automation platform used to programmatically generate, manage and optimize over 1 million product listings on Amazon. He is a Boston sports fanatic and a recovering hot sauce junkie. Tom speaks Spanish and German and lives in Florida with his wife and three children.
The Rise of Alternative Payments in eCommerce

The eCommerce industry is experiencing a noteworthy shift with the rise of alternative payment methods such as Bitcoin and digital wallets. These emerging payment options offer unique advantages, including enhanced security, convenience, and lower transaction costs. As a result, merchants can no longer afford to ignore the growing demand for these methods. According to a...

By Tom Wicky on February 09, 2024

10 Actionable Tips to Attract Gen Z Shoppers on Amazon

For most retailers, Gen Z is an unpredictable market segment. The demographic that grew up digitally native does most of its shopping online, yet remains an enigma to retail stores. Gen Z has unique values, shopping habits, and preferred social platforms that differentiate them from previous generations. Creating sales and marketing strategies tailored to the...

By Tom Wicky on January 29, 2024

Fulfillment and Logistics
Eco-friendly Returns: Rethinking Reverse Logistics

Although returns are an unpleasant hassle for eCommerce business, they also take a heavy toll on the environment. Online returns generate over five billion pounds of landfill waste each year. Worse, many of these items are still in good condition. As an eCommerce business owner, you’re obligated to be aware of the environmental impact of...

By Tom Wicky on January 22, 2024

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: What Is BSR?

In the Amazon marketplace, every seller dreams of topping the charts and seeing their product listed as a bestseller. The key to this achievement is decoding the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR). BSR provides a snapshot of a product’s popularity and sales performance relative to other offerings in its category. While it may seem like...

By Tom Wicky on January 19, 2024

Customer Retention Tactics for the Post-Holiday Season

Ecommerce retailers experience the highest rate (82%) of customer abandonment in the post-holiday slump, which lasts from January through April. The influx of new shoppers during the holiday season offers a golden opportunity for sellers, but the real challenge begins once the festivities die down. Ensuring these customers return in the new year is essential...

By Tom Wicky on January 09, 2024

Fulfillment and Logistics
Tackling Q4 Overstock: What to Do With Excess Inventory in Q1

Excess holiday inventory is a financial burden that sellers can’t afford to ignore. Today’s retailers are sitting on an estimated $50 billion in dead stock. This is due to several factors, including rising warehouse fees, unpredictable market trends, inflation, and fluctuating consumer patterns. Demand forecasting is a complex challenge for eCommerce brands, now even more...

By Tom Wicky on January 04, 2024

Understanding Post-Holiday Sales Patterns: How to Adjust for 2024

The holiday season has come and gone like lightning. Storefronts are still aglow with festive lights, and filled with empty cardboard boxes as the only evidence of the whirlwind that was Q4. As an eCommerce retailer, while it’s vital to optimize your sales during the holidays it’s equally important to understand and prepare for post-holiday...

By Tom Wicky on January 02, 2024

Fractional CFO Responsibilities In An eCommerce Business

Digital transactions are foundational to business growth in eCommerce, making financial management a critical component of your operational success. As online retailers navigate the dynamic landscape of sales spikes, supply chain intricacies, and pricing strategies, maintaining a solid financial foundation is paramount. That’s where fractional CFOs step in as strategic partners to offer their expertise...

By Tom Wicky on December 28, 2023

How To Hire a Fractional CMO in eCommerce

Consumer behavior and market trends evolve at lightning speed in the eCommerce industry, making a solid marketing strategy mandatory for a business to thrive. A fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) can be an asset to developing and implementing an air-tight plan, as they inject expertise and innovation into your marketing efforts. This role features an...

By Tom Wicky on December 26, 2023

Direct to Consumer
A Guide to FDA Requirements for Merchants

Experts predict online grocery sales will reach a staggering $160.91 billion in 2023, and the number of digital grocery buyers nationwide is expected to hover around 147.8 million. This considerable increase in online orders amplifies the demand for superior-quality food warehouses and reliable fulfillment partners to deliver consumables. As a merchant, your warehousing selection must...

By Tom Wicky on December 14, 2023

How To Set up a Chatbot To Drive More Ecommerce Conversions

Do you struggle to improve your conversion rates on your website or eCommerce platform? Are you eager to enhance sales and connect more deeply with your target audience? If so, consider implementing an eCommerce chatbot. Chatbots are revolutionizing the eCommerce landscape, creating a smooth, tailored customer experience that escalates conversions and customer delight. In this...

By Tom Wicky on December 12, 2023

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