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Amazon Account Health Tips

If you sell on Amazon, your Account Health page is one of the most important elements to keep an eye on; maintaining account health will help you avoid costly disruptions and account suspensions. Account health is also a direct reflection of customer satisfaction and experience, so a happy account generally correlates to happy customers (and...

By Taylor Meeker on April 01, 2024

How To Run DTC Ads for Maximum Results

In eCommerce, the competition is as intense as it is diverse, making it imperative to differentiate your brand to capture your target segment’s attention. Advertisers are shifting from broad, mass-market tactics to direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies. This approach focuses on establishing an open line of communication and delivering personalized experiences to customers. Under these circumstances, the...

By Taylor Meeker on March 29, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Make Pricing Your Strength: A Chat With Mark Perone of Feedvisor

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Mark Perone, head of partnerships at Feedvisor. Rachel and Mark talk about strategic pricing with AI, the power of partnerships in B2B, and much more. A successful eCommerce strategy requires a streamlined multi-channel repricing approach backed by robust data and technology. Feedvisor Essentials provides an AI-powered repricer with...

By Rachel Andrea Go on March 27, 2024

What is Upper Funnel Marketing & How Can it Help Your Amazon Sales?

Amazon is one of the largest product marketplaces in the world, and with a revenue of $143 billion in 2023, it’s still growing. For retailers, that 37.6% market share of the eCommerce industry makes it imperative to be on the platform. However, selling on Amazon is a double-edged sword: Although you’ll be where the customers...

By Tom Wicky on March 25, 2024

Fulfillment and Logistics
How to Ship Dangerous Goods Safely

This is a guest post from ShipSaving. ShipSaving provides streamlined shipping solutions for eCommerce businesses and seamlessly integrates with major marketplaces. The platform simplifies the shipping process through real-time inventory management and automated label printing. The complexities of shipping can be challenging, especially when dealing with a range of item types. This how to ship...

By Guest on March 22, 2024

Best Practices for Amazon Compliance in Europe

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. With a presence on five continents and dedicated websites for 20 countries, Amazon is potentially the most global marketplace. For sellers, that opens a wealth of opportunities to grow in markets that are otherwise inaccessible, especially with the advent of FBA and Amazon warehousing products....

By Tom Wicky on March 18, 2024

Funding Options for Your Amazon Business: Which Is Best?

This is a guest post from Viably. Recently, Amazon announced that they would no longer underwrite seller loans, an option that’s been in place for more than a decade. Yet seasoned Amazon sellers understand that running a successful business on the marketplace requires significant financial support. To maintain smooth operations, keep inventory stocked and well...

By Guest on March 15, 2024

MyFBAPrep Interviews
Amazon Reimbursement Insights: A Chat With Yoni Mazor of Getida

In this video, Rachel Go chats with Yoni Mazor, co-founder and chief growth officer of Getida. Yoni shares his founder story, common areas Amazon sellers should look for reimbursements, the role of education in Getida’s growth, their recent rebrand, and more. Transcript below. Yoni’s background Rachel Andrea Go: Thank you so much, Yoni, for joining...

By Rachel Andrea Go on March 13, 2024

eCommerce Industry Trends and Predictions to Look out for

The eCommerce industry is rapidly adapting to new technologies, market and economic shifts, and the reactions of big players like Amazon. Adapting to those changes is critical for online businesses, whether you work in sales, shipping and logistics, marketing, or any other aspect of the sector. Understanding what to expect will help you keep up...

By Rachel Andrea Go on March 11, 2024

Fulfillment and Logistics
How to Add eCommerce Fulfillment Automation to Your Business

This is a guest post from Stallion Express. Staying ahead of the competition requires eCommerce businesses to improve and optimize their logistics continuously. The fulfillment process is a crucial element that can significantly impact the efficiency, accuracy, and success of your online shopping journey. However, due to its complexity, many brands are seeking ways to...

By Guest on March 08, 2024

Fulfillment and Logistics
How to Scale Your eCommerce Business With On-Demand Fleet Management Solutions

This is a guest post from Fluid Truck. Scaling your eCommerce business requires more than simply finding new customers; you have to be able to hold onto those you acquire by going above and beyond their expectations. For delivery-driven businesses, that means building a fleet that can expand with the business.  Rising to meet demand...

By Guest on March 04, 2024

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