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MyFBAPrep Year in Review

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2021 was an amazing year for eCommerce, albeit a challenging one for logistics in many instances. MyFBAPrep was fortunate to have grown our team, warehouse network, and merchants significantly each quarter.

Below you’ll find some of our top highlights, including what we’re planning next.

In 2021, MyFBAPrep…

Doubled our warehouse capacity

We expanded our warehouse network and went international with locations in Canada, Germany, the UK, Poland, Italy, Germany, and more (with APAC to come). This brings our full network to more than 3 million square feet of prep and warehouse space.

Thanks to our expanded logistics network of 50+ warehouses and fulfillment centers, we’re able to provide almost any type of service or location our sellers need. We now have space for customized machinery, a wider array of zip codes to store and ship from, and are looking forward to adding more warehouses to the mix.

In 2022, we expect to triple this capacity as we continue to expand.

Helped 60% more merchants with FBA prep, FBM fulfillment, and DTC logistics

We also grew our merchant base 60%, welcoming new names such as Noble House, Shapermint, and more. We continue to work with some of the best brands out there managing any eCommerce logistics services they need to stay competitive.

In 2021 alone, we prepped more than 3 million individual units for FBA, and based on the first month of 2022 we expect that number to 10X this year, welcoming Vital Proteins and Nestle as some of the first new sellers of the year.

Grew our team

We went from a team of 12 to 20 in 2021, adding more team members, consultants, and advisors to form and fuel our strategy. Among some of our new faces include advisor Hans Hickler, more amazing account managers, our marketing director (hello!), and other amazing eCommerce experts.

Want to join us and empower amazing eCommerce sellers to deliver and delight worldwide? View openings here.

Got connected

We integrated our proprietary FBA prep tracking and inventory management software, Preptopia®, with Amazon SP API and built out a shipment creation model. That means our merchants can create shipments from within Preptopia® with detailed reports and more.

We also built out some external API capabilities and are looking to add even more integration partners to our ecosystem.

2022 here we come

If you’re reading this and thinking you’d like to make logistics your competitive advantage, please get in touch!